Oxford Street Christmas Lights


Less than 4 weeks to go until Christmas ♡ Though I’m not a fan of crowded shopping streets (especially if you have to fight your way through them to meet your friends for dinner), Oxford Street is so beautiful during the Xmas season. Especially this year the Christmas lights look amazing. If you have not been to London, make sure you either come in summer (the only halfway nice weather season we have) or visit London in December to experience all the Christmas decoration everywhere and of course our Christmas markets. They seriously go crazy here with Xmas deco and it is actually lots of fun to visit Liberty and Harrods just to go to their Christmas shops… I put my Xmas deco up already last week. We even went for a mini Christmas tree although we won’t spend Christmas here in London. It’s just so pretty when the home is decorated and looks super jolly. Next weekend we are going to a ginger bread party at a friends’ house. It has almost become a Christmas tradition now and I’m sure people are secretly practicing their ginger bread house building and decorating skills to win the beauty contest haha ♡

london-christmas-lights-xmas-decoration-oxford-street-4  london-christmas-lights-xmas-decoration-oxford-street

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Girls

And it is that time of the year again where lots of people run through the shops like chicken without heads just to find that special gift for the little ones. But not only parents and relatives in general have to go through with this, also if you are visiting friends with kids during Christmas you are expected to bring a little something. Here is a list of gift ideas for that little something for a little girl. Prices range from around GBP 15 to GBP 60. Hope it will give you some inspiration ♡

Christmas Gift Ideas For Little Girls

Elsa Doll // Silver Pink Topaz Bracelet // Silver Heart Necklace // Silver Heart Ear Studs // Slipper Boots // Jelly Bean Necklace // Dressing Gown  // Pink Fairy Necklace // Pink Cardigan // Trolls  // Wooden Afternoon Set // Unicorn // Ballerina Bunny  // Starry Bunny 

To purchase any of the above gift ideas online, just click on the respective links. My personals favourite are the fairy necklace  and the little brown bunny, so cute!

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Men


Exactly one month to go until all gifts should be nicely placed under the Christmas tree. I personally find it always super easy to shop for women but when it comes to gifts for men, it gets rather difficult. Sometimes it’s so hard to put yourself into a guy’s head and find out what they would like for Christmas. So this gift idea board for men consists of essentials that every boyfriend, husband, father and grandpa should have (and a few extra items). These include classy items like an elegant belt, scarf, wallet, document holder and stylish gloves, cufflinks and shoes. If he likes Whiskey he might be super happy to receive some Scottish single malt. And nobody wants to have cold feet at home, including men, therefore the stylish UGG slippers. Dumb bells are generally well liked by guys but make sure there is no hidden message with it which could spoil the Christmas party haha. And last but not least, a funny cup for his morning coffee is so cute, isn’t it?


Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

wishlist men

 UGG Slippers // Bear Cufflinks // Gold Leaf Cufflinks  // Tom Ford Belt // Whiskey Set // Vintage Watch Cufflinks // Hugo Boss Scarf // Mulberry Credit Card Holder // Umbrella // Document Holder // Batman Cup // Ted Baker Gloves  // Kurt Geiger Shoes // Dumb Bells

To view or purchase any of the gift ideas, just click on the links below the gift idea board and you will be directed to the shop. I hope this board gives you some inspiration to find a great Xmas gift for the men in your life. I am almost done with my Christmas shopping but there are always these super difficult cases.. Still looking for inspiration for them haha ♡


Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

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