After having spent a week on the windy and wavy side of Rhodes, we visited Lindos today.

It’s such a cute, little village but omg, the heat!!

These poor donkeys bring you up to the Akropolis. Thanks, but no thanks.

St. Paul’s Bay

As it was sooo unbearable hot in Lindos, we headed to St Paul’s Bay to cool down.

The bay is super pretty but it gets crowded very easily, so it’s a good idea to go there early to get a sunbed.

If you park at St Paul’s Bay, you can walk to Lindos in under 10 minutes. To go to the beach, just follow down the path down from the parking and you’ll arrive in just a few minutes :)

The path down to St. Paul’s Bay

If you are a fan of fairytale castles, make sure to pass by Predjama Castle in Slovenia. The medieval castle is built within rocks and apparently has a network of secret tunnels into the rocks. Too bad there was only one path to the rocks on the top of the castle that was public to visitors. I would have really liked to explore the not-so-public areas..

Apart from getting a real medieval vibe while walking through the different rooms of the castle and making your way further into the rock, the views from the castle are also stunning. Set in this scenery, it’s easy to travel back in time for a few hundred years..

Apart from visiting the castle, also pass by the cave system which is really pretty, too. For part of the tour you can take a little train into the cave.

And whilst you are in the area, also spend a day or two in Lake Bled (also a fairytale castle, just in a slightly more ‘happy’ fairytale style..).

Strolling through Piaţa Sfatului in Brasov’s Old Town

After we finally found a shelter for baby Rokiu (if you haven’t read the post about him: I’m talking about a puppy, not a baby human), we stopped for coffee in Brasov.

Brasov is around 30-40 mins from Bran Castle, so a perfect stop along the journey through Transilvania.

Brasov is known for its Gothic-stye Black Church and cafes. Make sure to walk through the the market square Piaţa Sfatului in the old town. It’s super pretty with its cobbled streets and surrounded by colorful baroque buildings.