7 Things Just Ordered For Going Backpacking

The backpacking trip is coming closer and I have now decided what kind of luggage I want to take with me –> The ‘Caribee Traveller 70L Wheeled Rucksack’.  It has a storage capacity of 70l, wheels and opens all the way up like a normal luggage bag. We will be traveling for 5 months, so I think 70l should be a good size, well, in any larger size would have been too heavy and I really did not want to settle for a smaller bag! Wheels: As we are not doing hard-core backpacking only but also a lots of nice city – and hotel hopping,  it should be fairly civilised for most of the time and thus I will probably be able to just wheel my luggage around :) When I was back-packing through Mexico some years ago, I had a backpack that did not open up all the way which was super inconvenient for packing, unpacking, and especially when searching for specific stuff – learnt my lesson!


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Apart from the backpack, I also got the following items:

Dirty Clothes Bag – yeah, not keen on mixing up them up..

Pegless Travel Washing Line – love it! Perfect for anywhere you end up staying when you are not planning to give your clothes to a cleaning service              

Silverpoint Pink Ozone LED Torch – I know, I also do own a phone with a torch function but what if you run out of battery? This pretty in pink torch doesn’t require any :)                

Zebra Print Microfibre Travel Towel – super practical, serves as a beach towel (if you don’t want to show off your hotel towels) and also perfect as a blanket during travel

Travel Neck Pillow  – lots of flights and bus rides.. this one is essential for not having neck pain..         

Personal Safety Travel Alarm  – .. always good to have!





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