8 Months On The Road – This Is The Travel Plan

Wohoo, 2 weeks to go and we will be in LA! Can’t wait! We are currently organising the last bits and bites of leaving London, getting some base back in Germany, getting rid of furniture, figuring out travel insurance and vaccinations and then we can finally start our 8 months world trip!!

Ideally I would love to travel for 3 years to actually be able to see everything I want to see and also have time to spend some more weeks at different places. But well, 3 years is not gonna happen. So we had to decide where to go.  I have been to a South Africa and parts of North Africa and been pretty much everywhere in Europe – so I took those travel destinations of the list. After lots os back and forth we arrived at an exciting travel route! Have a look at the world map to see where we are going :) The world map shows mainly the flight destinations, of course, we will travel lots within the countries!




So we are starting out in LA and spend a few days there as well as in San Francisco and Las Vegas. Then we will rent a car and do a road trip through the US up to New Orleans. From there we will fly to New York and meet a bunch of my besties from London there. After a few days in New York we will continue to Cape Cod for a wedding of one of my best friends from London :) Then we will fly from Boston to Toronto and start our second road trip :) We will rent a car and drive from Toronto to Montreal. Afterwards we are planning to spend some time in Quebec with pretty lakes, mountains and an amazing scenery! From Montreal we will fly to Cuba, then Jamaica and then to Costa Rica. Maybe also Bahamas to meet one of my German besties there if we can squeeze that in :)

In November we are arriving in Mexico and attend a wedding of my lovely & crazy Mexican friend near Puerto Vallarta! We are likely not going to spend that much time travelling in Mexico as I spent a whole month there already a few years back (my highlights: the Cenotes in Merida and the Maya temples in Palenque!!). From Mexico we will fly to Colombia, then Peru! I soooo can’t wait to go back to Lima! I spent 6 months there during my semester abroad studying finance (yes, finance of all subjects.. needed something with numbers rather than lots of Spanish..). Maybe we will do the Inca trail, but this time around not via train but TREKKING! During my time in Peru I visited pretty much all of Peru’s main travel destinations, so I guess we are not gonna do that all over again (yeah…limited time issue again) After Peru, we will go to Chile, then spend some time in Argentina, and then Brazil. Maybe we also visit Bolivia in between :) Anyway, our flight back to Europe will be from Rio.

Hmmm… so that is the high level plan for Americas. Must-dos are definitely mountains, nature, and jungle oh and lots of pretty beaches and scuba diving! I totally want to do night scuba diving! Yes, so the details we will add during the trip ;) Also I don’t only want to hang out in big cities, so lots of remote locations that are not travelled that frequently are on the list as well!

We will spend Xmas and NYE in Germany and then start the second part of the trip early January! First stop will be Australia :) Can’t wait to go surfing there! Then we will go to New Zealand. The whole February we will spend travelling through Vietnam where we meet some friends from Europe too :) In March we will fly to Hong Kong to visit a good friend of mine who moved there from India. Then we will spend two weeks in Japan :) I have wanted to go to Japan since I was a child and had my first Tempura dish! The last stop will probably be Shanghai from where we will take the train to Moscow. During the train journey we hopefully pass some pretty spots as well to spend a few days :)

Yes, so that is the trip now. I am pretty sure we will change parts once we have started our little adventure!





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