A Day In The Park & Playing With The Camera

 Day In Green Park

Though the weather forecast for London predicted thunderstorms and rain throughout the day, the weather was actually quite decent with 24C and some longer periods of sunshine. This is actually a great summer day for London! So I thought I could have a little break from work and stroll around in the park to get some sun.  I ended up playing with my camera settings and took around 50 photos of pigeons (!!) ..  true London park wildlife! Until today I didn’t even know that I could take vintage photos, black & white photos and really colourful pictures with my camera… It’s the Sony DSC-RX100 which is super handy and almost fits into every bag :)

Days where you just relax and take a break are just perfect for recharging. Just stroll around and go with the flow. If you walk slowly you discover so much detail on the way. Rushing from A to B really prevents you from enjoying the moment and becoming one with your surroundings.

In case you were wondering – the photos are taken in Green Park, just off London’s Green Park tube station.

A-day-in-the-park-green park london

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