A Day Trip From London – St. Albans

St. Albans is a lovely cosy small city that is 20 minutes away from London by train. The city has lots of medieval architecture and a really stunning cathedral.

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The close distance to London makes St. Albans perfect for a little day trip from London. So, if you want to get away from the loud city and visit a beautiful and impressive cathedral, take the train from London Blackfriars or St. Pancras and 20 minutes later you will arrive at St. Albans City stations. From there the cathedral is just a 10 min walk away. After visiting the cathedral you can spend the day in St. Albans’ cosy cafes or pubs or have afternoon tea at St Michael’s Manor Hotel.

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This is how the litte streets of St. Albans are like, lots of little cafes and individual shops.

St.Albans-Day-Trip-From-London-Karateandcaviar.com 19

Came across this cute ‘Little House’ :)

St.Albans-Day-Trip-From-London-Karateandcaviar.com 18

And this the stunning cathedral. It was a rainy day when I visited St. Albans so there were not many people around the cathedral. Very peaceful.

St.Albans-Day-Trip-From-London-Karateandcaviar.com 8

St.Albans-Day-Trip-From-London-Karateandcaviar.com 11

St.Albans-Day-Trip-From-London-Karateandcaviar.com 15

St.Albans-Day-Trip-From-London-Karateandcaviar.com 16 St.Albans-Day-Trip-From-London-Karateandcaviar.com 14 St.Albans-Day-Trip-From-London-Karateandcaviar.com 13 St.Albans-Day-Trip-From-London-Karateandcaviar.com 12 St.Albans-Day-Trip-From-London-Karateandcaviar.com 10

Also the interior is beautiful :)

St.Albans-Day-Trip-From-London-Karateandcaviar.com 7 St.Albans-Day-Trip-From-London-Karateandcaviar.com 6 St.Albans-Day-Trip-From-London-Karateandcaviar.com 5 St.Albans-Day-Trip-From-London-Karateandcaviar.com 4 St.Albans-Day-Trip-From-London-Karateandcaviar.com 3 St.Albans-Day-Trip-From-London-Karateandcaviar.com 2 St.Albans-Day-Trip-From-London-Karateandcaviar.com

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