A New One On The Travel Bucket List – Bali


While this time, we didn’t make it to Indonesia, it is now a new destination on my travel bucket list!

During the last 9 months we have travelled across the Americas and Asia and seen incredibly beautiful beaches for surfing, scuba diving or just relaxing. I surfed a lot in South America and did lots of snorkelling in Hawaii and Vietnam yet only managed to go scuba diving a few times here and there. Certainly not the many times I had planned before going on this trip! Well, now I am planning to do my Advanced Open Water back at home in London and not at some remote location during the trip as it was planned. That way at least I can fully take advantage of some night and ship wreck diving during my next scuba diving trip without spending a couple of days on scuba diving theory and exercises while on a beautiful beach. Rainy London seems like a much more comfy location for that! And then, that’s where Bali comes in – scuba diving paradise! Bali is part of the Coral Triangle where apparently over 500 reef building coral species can be found. Yeeey :)


Apart from beautiful beaches and nature, there are also cultural treasures to explore. So after a scuba diving session in the morning, I am planing to make my way to Tanah Lot Temple which is said to be the island’s most iconic temple (photo below).  For sunset, maybe Uluwatu Temple to watch a sunset kecak fire dance in the open amphitheatre. On another day, it will be the Besakih Temple. Having seen lots of temples now across Asia, this one seriously looks super gorgeous and I can’t wait to visit it in person.


bali 2

Of course, no beach holiday is perfect without SPAs and a stunning place to stay. The Karma Kandara hotel which is located on the Bukit Peninsula looks super beautiful and has good reviews on TripAdisor. The Uluwatu Temple is also located on the peninsula, so once you are done sunbathing and getting massages, you could pay a visit to the sunset fire dance. Also, lots of surf spots and scuba diving schools are just under 30min away from the hotel.

There are more pretty photos of the Karma Kandara hotel here on Traveloka. Just don’t look at them while you are sitting in the office and don’t have any holidays planned for a while. Like me… now my top priority is to get settled again after having globetrotted around since last summer. So since I won’t go to Bali that soon, I thought I’d remind you guys that there is this beautiful surfing and scuba diving paradise in Indonesia..

Hotel Bali

Bali hotel

Well and to make things even more perfect, there is also awesome surf happening in Bali! Now, writing this post I can’t sit still anymore, really want to take the board and jump into the water! I spent the last month in Hong Kong and Japan and though I love cool cities, I really could need a beach holiday now :)

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