A Weekend Trip To Edinburgh City Centre

A Weekend Trip to Edinburgh – The Roxburghe Hotel & My Favourite Whisky Bar

One of my favourite hotels in the Edinburgh city centre is the Roxburghe Hotel. It is a 4-star boutique hotel located just a few minutes walk from Princes Street. The standard is that of a good 4-star hotel with a nice touch of luxury. The rooms are not spacious given the old building – which does add the special romantic boutique hotel flair though :) – but have a modern and stylish interior design. I am especially a big fan of the super comfy bed. Edinburgh is quite an interesting place, especially for people who visit this city. Not every hotels that you stay at are the same. I’m sure this is the same everywhere else, but does your city’s hotel have a restaurant in it, along with room service and a bar? I think not. This is why I love visiting this city. If you are not sure what I am talking about, if you look into something like Restaurant With Rooms Edinburgh, you’ll understand this concept a bit more and you’ll probably love it as much as I do.

The hotel’s staff is very friendly and the concierges are very knowledgeable about what to do in Edinburgh and have plenty of tips for Edinburgh’s best restaurants, cafes and – of course – Whisky bars! My favourite Whisky bar was the Whiski Bar at it was super cosy and had a really cool style. On top and most importantly, the Whisky selection is incredibly huge (in fact I have never seen a bigger selection of different Whiskies). When I visited the bar, they also a little map which showed lots of Whisky styles via region and taste. Whilst you are sipping your Whisky you can listen to the Whiski Bar’s live performances of Scottish music which they offer every evening.

Edinburgh is such a beautiful city with an incredible architecture. Walking through Edinburgh’s little alleys (the local name for alley is close) is already super romantic on its own. However sitting down somewhere a bit more up from where you have a view over the city is simply stunning. Hence, make sure you plan a bit of time for strolling around – either before or after your Whisky bar visits :)


Edinburgh Hotel

Edinburgh Hotel

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