Valle de la Luna Bolivia

Hi, my name is Nadine and I live in London. This blog is about the things I do, like (and don’t like!) and that inspire me.

I chose the blog’s name to underline that this is not a blog that can be pigeonholed into one single category. I have always loved things that might seem to contradict each other, like Barbie and He-Man, fairies and monsters, house music and metal, ballet and martial arts, luxury hotels and backpacking, fancy restaurants and street food.

I travelled for almost a whole year a little while back and am still writing up all these stories. So if I post beach pictures, don’t get jealous, there is a high chance that I’m not on the beach but in rainy London on my desk… yes, life is hard!

You can get in touch by leaving a comment on a post or by email (Nadine@karateandcaviar.com).