Austin, Texas: The City of Live Music

We stayed in Austin from 25th to 26th of August.  Whilst during the day, ok it was it week day, there were not many people in the streets at all, it was crowded in the evening! There are several streets in downtown Austin in which each bar has its own live music. Just walking down that street you don’t really know where to listen to – your ears are being ‘bombarded’ with live music from everywhere Smile

One of the places we went for drinks before dinner was the Austin Ale House which had nice cocktails and a cool vibe.  For dinner we wanted to have some burgers, so we headed over to Jackalope Bar & Grill which is located on 404 E 6th.  Around there are lots of bars and pubs with live music, so just walk towards the one whose music is most appealing to you.

Between your pre-dinner and dinner activities you should head down to the Colorado river and watch the bats coming out of their ‘homes’ at night to go hunting. This is an amazing thing to watch as suddenly, just after 8pm, you can see a big swarm of bats in the sky. We stayed in the Radisson Hotel, so before going to dinner, we watched the bats from the bridge in front of the hotel. There were thousands of bats coming up from just beneath us! It was great to watch from the bridge but I assume joining a river bats dinner tour would have been nice too.

Below a selection of photos I took in Austin. As you might have noticed in my previous posts, I try to not only post photos of the major sights but also of random things I see. Hope this brings the special vibes of the places I visit closer to you Smile


Austin Texas 4

Austin Texas 3

Austin Texas 7

Austin Texas 5

Austin Texas fence


Austin Texas Park 3

Austin Texas park


Austin Texas Beautiful Old House


Austin Texas Old House


The architecture in Austin was super interesting – from beautiful ‘older’ houses to modern high rises.


Austin Texas High Rise 2

Austin Texas High Rise 3

Austin Texas High Rises , Architecture


Austin Texas Park Tree

Austin Texas White House


Austin Texas Streets 2


Below are two photos of the Austin Ale House where we had pre-dinner drinks.

Austin Texas Streets 3

Austin Texas Bar

Austin Texas Streets 5

Austin Texas Streets 9

Austin Texas Taxi


Austin Texas Blue Guitar 2



Austin Texas River Bats


The black ‘line’ in the back of the below photo is the swarm of bats!

Austin Texas River Bats Millions Swarm

Austin Texas Buildings Sunset City

Austin Texas Night Sunset Sky

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