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A Day In Cambridge & Things To Do

Cambridge is just one hour away from London by train making it a great option for a day trip when staying in London. There is a really good train service from Kings Cross to Cambridge train station with trains going several times per hour. The costs are between £10-20 per one-way journey depending on the time of travel and ticket type.
Cambridge train station is a 20min walk away from the city centre but there are also buses stopping in front of the station and plenty of taxis. If you choose to walk – it’s a fairly easy walk with almost no chance of getting lost – Cambridge’s beautiful buildings will start to impress circa 10mins into your walk. There are a number of stunning collages and churches that you will come across while walking to the city centre. Also the closer you come to the centre, the more cafes and restaurants you will find.

Being a student-city, Cambridge has a way more relaxed flair than London. People seem to be less stressed and you will come across lots of people lying on the grass in Cambridge’s various parks. I found that my overall mood just lightened up being in an envrionment where things just seem to be less busy.
If you just stay one day in Cambridge during the summer months you barely have to plan anything in advance. Simply strolling through the cosy city and discovering beautiful architecture, taking breaks in lovely little cafes and spending some time outside in Cambridge’s parks will fill a whole day easily. There are also a number of museums that you can visit – however I would recommend to allocated sufficient time for walking around in Cambridge and just enjoying the architecture.


Cambridge Architecture

Cambridge Architecture

Cambridge Architecture

Cambridge Architecture

Cambridge Architecture

Cambridge Architecture

Cambridge Architecture
There are plenty of places to visit, have coffee & cake, food or just a drink – so below is just a small selection of places I visited during the stay and which I can recommend.

If you like chocolate milk shakes or really any type of milk-shakes and pancakes, visit Benets, 21 King’s Parade, City Centre:


Oreo milkshake

I had the most amazing oreo milk shake! It was just so yummy that I will never ever want to know how many calories it had. I am sure my mood increase and happiness peak certainly would have justified any amount of calories?! :)
A great way to pass some quality time during a sunny day is also the cafe The Anchor Pub next to the river. Sitting outside next to the water and reading a book or just watching people is very tempting. During the hour that we sat there, we almost saw two close ‘incidents’ of boats floating into each other  ;)

Cambridge water

Cambridge water


  1. November 22, 2016 / 11:20 am

    Stunning images of a stunning place :)

  2. November 22, 2016 / 11:39 am

    this one is definitely on my bucket list, currently housesitting in Berkshire and touring the British countryside and can’t wait to explore further afield. Thanks for the lovely photos and the suggestions for food as well a great piece.

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