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If you are blessed with thick and wavy hair, then you can stop reading this post. This is not for you, your hair is already amazing! This post is for the ladies with rather thin and straight hair who want to add at least a little bit of volume to their hair. Above is a photo of my hair so you know what type of hair I am talking about :) The, probably only, positive thing about thin hair is that it dries super quickly. So you can just jump under the shower, wash your hair, add some Chanel Hair Mists and leave the house in 30 mins without even touching the blow dryer. BUT if you’d like to have some volume in your hair, then that’s where you have to add time for your hair beauty routine and incorporate some professional hair products. Below are some hair beauty hacks that I usually use to get more volume. I have listed the products I use below. Just click on the ad photos to see the product on Amazon.

10 Ways to Get More Voluminous Hair

(1) Blow dry your hair upside down

By blow drying your hair upside down and focusing on blow-drying your roots you can add extra volume easily. You don’t have to spend 10 minutes with your hair upside down but do it until your roots are dry.

(2) Use rollers on the top of your head

After the blow dry use self grip velcro rollers on the top of your head for extra volume at the roots. Blow dry the rollers with a lower intensity level for a few minutes and then leave them in until the hair is cooled down. I like the roller set from Tresemme but you can use any velcro rollers really. Just make sure your velcro roller set has different sizes of the rollers so you can try out which combination works best for you.

(3) Tease your hair at the roots

For an extra uplift after the blow dry, tease your hair at the roots. Make sure you use hair spray to fix the hair once you have teased it. Then smooth the hair afterwards so it looks natural.

(4) Use dry hair shampoo at the roots for more texture

Teasing is not the nicest treatment for your hair, so I generally only do occasionally. I prefer dry hair shampoo which adds lots of texture and volume to the roots. It’s also perfect for helping the hair to stay pretty between the hair washes. There are lots of different dry hair shampoos at any price range. My favourite one is the Batiste dry hair shampoo from Boots. They are not expensive, just under £10, and work super well. The Batiste dry hair shampoo series has lots of different dry hair shampoos from volume boosting (yeeey!), shampoos for different hair colours, to cherry and tropical shampoos. So take your pick :) The good thing is also that they have mini versions of the shampoos which are perfect for taking with you in your handbag while travelling.

(5) Stick a little clip below your ponytail

If I don’t have time to go through the whole blow drying process or have not washed my hair just before, I generally just use some dry hair shampoo for extra texture and then put my hair up in a ponytail. To get a more voluminous ponytail, just stick a few clips back below your ponytail to lift it up a bit. And instead of a neat pony tail, go for a less tidy version by pulling in different layers of hair separately. This also adds more volume.

(6) Curl Your Hair

If you have lots of time you could go through the blow drying steps, the velcro rollers for volume on the roots and then use a curler for a wavy look. I use the curler from BaByliss for this. And if you don’t have time, just put your hair up in a bun. After some time your hair should also look a bit more wavy (at least for some time). Once the waves are out, put the hair back up in a bun :)

(7) Switch your part

Switching your part may also add some extra volume to your hair. And rather than going for a neat part, rather opt for not having a ‘real’ part and vary your part throughout the day a bit.

(8) Change your shampoo & conditioner

Chances are you are using a shampoo with lots of chemicals that stay in your hair afterwards and way it down. Also don’t overdo such conditioners on your roots as this will most certainly way your hair down. Ideally your shampoo should be hair growth shampoo, organic, sulfate free, and hair strengthening. I use the Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner from Art Naturals. Since I have switched to their shampoo and conditioner I can go longer between the washes also :)

(9) Don’t brush your hair when wet

Never brush your hair when it is wet. Especially for thin hair it is so damaging. Wait until you have blow dried it a bit before brushing. And ideally use a Tangle Teezer brush as they are super gentle to your hair and really work well for getting out these little annoying and unwanted ‘wannabe dreadlocks’.

(10) It may be time for a cut

Cut your hair regularly, at least every 6 to 8 weeks, to keep strong and healthy hair.

I hope a few of those tips will help you to add some more volume in your hair. And never forget that some girls would LOVE to have our hair as it does not necessarily require lots of maintenance. And imagine this, some girls actually straighten their hair.. we’d never have to do that! The grass is not always greener on the other side ;)

10 Ways to Get More Volume If You Have Thin Hair

Going on a long-haul trip to a white sandy beach or tropical island this autumn or winter? Make sure your skin will also enjoy your holiday!

Palm Trees and Blue Sky

Now that the sunny summer days have more or less gone, your skin is not used to seeing the sunlight all day long. This means that you have to take extra care during your next getaway on the beach. Too much sun exposure is detrimental to your skin and can lead to sunburns, pre-mature aging and even cancer. So you do want to take care of your precious skin! Below are my tips to do exactly that :)




1. Use sun protection with a sufficiently high UVA and UVB filter.

It depends on your skin type which level of UVA and UVB protection you need. My skin is super pale so I generally apply sun screen with an SPF of at least 30. My facial sun lotion even has a factor of 50 SPF.

2. Protect your head.

Did you know that the skin on your face is thinner than the on your body? So take extra care here. Hats look amazing on the beach and there are so many designs to choose from. Make sure you wear one to protect your pretty face.

3. Cover your back, neck and shoulders. 

This is where most people get their sunburns. You don’t have to stay in the sun wearing just your bikini all the time. Wear a pretty dress that covers your shoulders or take a huge summer pashmina with you.


4. Wear sunglasses with sufficient UV protection. 

Sunglasses look super stylish and have a great purpose. Get some cool ones of high quality and WEAR them.

5. Apply your sunscreen correctly and often

Make sure you don’t leave out any skin that is exposed to the sun. Once you have excelled in that (many people just clearly don’t), re-apply the lotion each time after you have come out of the water. Even if the sunscreen says waterproof, it won’t last forever.

If you are staying in the water for an extended period, consider using a sun blocker for your face. I generally cover my whole face and hands with my sun blocker stick when I go surfing.

6. It’s also cool to chill out in the shade. 

You know you don’t HAVE to be in the sun all the time. Especially try to avoid too much sun during 11am and 3pm. Why not just go to a SPA or have a cocktail somewhere pretty in a shady and cool spot?


Ladies, I hope you already knew all of the above and this was just a little reminder to stay on the safe and happy side :) So, where is your next beach trip going to? What’s your sun routine?
6 Ways to Stay Safe in the Sun | Beauty Hacks

Finally another weekend trip coming up and you have again not managed to pack your bag well in advance? Well this sounds totally like me. It’s generally the night before or on the day that I think about what to pack in my suitcase. This wouldn’t be so bad if you’d CHECK IN your luggage as you’d have at least 25 kg weight allowance – more than enough for a short trip. On top of that you could take all your cosmetics – no matter which size – with you.

But a short weekend getaway is much more relaxed if you travel light. So it helps to plan in advance to make the most of your little 10kg cabin luggage.

I live in London which is the perfect hub for weekend getaways in Europe. Flights from London to top destinations generally take 1-3 hours. So flying out on a Friday after work and coming back on a Sunday night works out perfectly.

I usually found myself packing in a bit of a hurry on a Thursday night or even on a Friday morning before work. Of course there were quite a few occasions when I forgot a few things.. So I created a weekend travel checklist to make sure I have everything I need.

The travel checklist is divided by luggage type, handbag (where all the important stuff goes) and the trolley/travel bag (for the rest).


Weekend Trip Travel Checklist


Passport, travel ID. Do not forget!

WalletDebit card to withdraw money abroad, credit cards and some cash

Plane ticket. Printed ticket if no mobile ticket

Phone. Have the hotel confirmation email and hotel address ready to read)

Valuables. They include jewellery, ipad or laptop, camera (sometimes airlines love to check in your cabin luggage anyway, so make sure you are prepared for that and don’t have anything super valuable or fragile in the trolley)

Keys. Your house keys after you have locked the door.

2. CABIN LUGGAGE (generally up to 10kg)

Cosmetics & Make up.Put the liquid stuff already in a travel plastic bag for the airport secunity check). Bring toothpaste, toothbrush, moisturiser, make up removal lotion, mascara, make up, eye shadow, lipstick, blush, deodorant, perfume, brush, nail polish.

If the hotel you are staying at doesn’t provide shampoo, shower gel and conditioner, you might want to buy them in a travel size at the airport.

Clothes. You will likely need one outfit for Friday night, an outfit for during the day on Saturday, one for Saturday night and one for Sunday. I’d bring at least one extra outfit just in case. Make sure you bring at least one more elegant outfit with you depending on where you head at night. Opt for over rather than under dressed if not sure. If you are not gling on a beach holiday, don’t forget tights for your dress.

Hair accessories. Hair pins, elastics, slides etc.

Sunglasses. Always handy. Not only in summer.

Evening purse. Smaller bag or clutch for the evening

Shoes. Comfy shoes for the day and heels for the evening. If you wear the heavier shoes during the travel, you might be able to fit another pair of shoes in your suitcase.

Bikini / bathing suit. Even if you are not going on a beach holiday, there miffy be a pool or SPA in the hotel.

Medicine. Though you most likely won’t need it, if you go in a bigger group there is usually at least one person happy about your travel medcine kit. Bring ibuprofen and the usual other stuff.

Charger. For laptop, ipad, mobile, camera and bring an adaptor if applicable.



– Are the windows closed?

– Did you lock the door /set the alarm?

– Are the lights switched off?
So you did book the hotel, return flight and have a travel insurance, right? Good, just checking :) Off you go,  have an awesome trip.

Let me know in the comments if any of your travel essentials have not made it on my list.