Strolling through Piaţa Sfatului in Brasov’s Old Town

After we finally found a shelter for baby Rokiu (if you haven’t read the post about him: I’m talking about a puppy, not a baby human), we stopped for coffee in Brasov.

Brasov is around 30-40 mins from Bran Castle, so a perfect stop along the journey through Transilvania.

Brasov is known for its Gothic-stye Black Church and cafes. Make sure to walk through the the market square Piaţa Sfatului in the old town. It’s super pretty with its cobbled streets and surrounded by colorful baroque buildings.

My granny came to visit me in London in November and for one weekend we went up to Edinburgh. It really does not matter during which season you decide to visit the city – it’s always super beautiful. Yes, it did rain (a lot!) But still we had an amazing time. When it rains, you just have to spend more time indoors trying out different sorts of whiskey and eating lots of haggis ..

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I probably have mentioned it several times: Europe is my favourite continent :) This is because of its cultural heritage and immense diversity. And best of it: everything is located in close proximity. This is what makes weekend trips so easy from London. Just hop on a plane and a couple of hours later you could be eating tapas in Spain, walking along the Seine in Paris, exploring the Colosseum in Rome, dancing in strange hipster clubs in Berlin (like last weekend!), visiting the opera in Vienna, or surfing in Portugal. There are 44 countries in Europe and each one has its own history, culture, food and often also language.

Since I have lived most of my life in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK I had lots of opportunities to travel around Europe – even if it was just a for weekend. There was one summer when we literally had a weekend beach trip planned every second weekend for almost two months. It was lots of fun but also a bit exhausting.. but exchanging rainy London for summer in Ibiza, Mallorca and Croatia does sound very tempting, doesn’t it?

Europe for the first, second & third time

If you visit Europe for the first time, I’d suggest you focus on the major must-see cities in Europe. They’re usually better for tourists as there’s more on offer to see. I know one of my friends visited all of the major cities in Europe on her travels and purchased a t-shirt from every city. When she got home, she decided to send them off to be made into t-shirt quilts so she never loses them or forgets where she’s been. That’s such a lovely idea. Perhaps that something you could do whilst you travel around Europe. Make sure to purchase a t-shirt from every major city though! In my opinion, the main cities include London (of course!), Paris and Rome. If you are thinking about going on a Rome vacation then make sure you try and see as many sights as you can so you experience all that this beautiful city has to offer. If you have more time or decide to come back, you could visit Barcelona, Prague and Venice. Though you’d have a good idea by then about the cultural diversity in Europe, you still haven’t been to the other must-see places like Vienna, Budapest, Istanbul, the Alps, Iceland, St. Petersburg, Madrid, Tuscany, Lisbon, Stockholm, Athens, Krakow, Berlin, Edinburgh & the Highlands, Amsterdam, Ghent, Lake Bled, Zurich, Brussels, nor the German Christmas markets, nor the Croatian and Greek islands…etc. Do you see what I’m trying to say? There are SO MANY amazing cities and places to visit in Europe. You pretty much can’t get it wrong – just take your pick and get started!

Madrid Photography - Europe Travel List

My Travel Bucket List for Europe

My travel bucket list for Europe for the couple of years consists of a few known places and loads of more ‘alternative’ places to visit in Europe. This is the list in a random order: Copenhagen (Denmark), Helsinki (Finland), Dinant (Belgium), Vernazza (Italy), Vaduz (Liechtenstein), Colmar (France), Bukarest & Transylvania (Romania), Lake District & Cotswold (UK), Iceland, nature in Norway and possibly Faroe Islands. On top of this probably some more pretty Greek islands for summer, like Crete maybe. We’ve even taken a look at how we’d get around, seeing prices for a car from people like Rental Center Crete to get some budget ideas :)

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