Exactly one month to go until all gifts should be nicely placed under the Christmas tree. I personally find it always super easy to shop for women but when it comes to gifts for men, it gets rather difficult. Sometimes it’s so hard to put yourself into a guy’s head and find out what they would like for Christmas. So this gift idea board for men consists of essentials that every boyfriend, husband, father and grandpa should have (and a few extra items). These include classy items like an elegant belt, scarf, wallet, document holder and stylish gloves, cufflinks and shoes. If he likes Whiskey he might be super happy to receive some Scottish single malt. And nobody wants to have cold feet at home, including men, therefore the stylish UGG slippers. Dumb bells are generally well liked by guys but make sure there is no hidden message with it which could spoil the Christmas party haha. And last but not least, a funny cup for his morning coffee is so cute, isn’t it?


Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

wishlist men

 UGG Slippers // Bear Cufflinks // Gold Leaf Cufflinks  // Tom Ford Belt // Whiskey Set // Vintage Watch Cufflinks // Hugo Boss Scarf // Mulberry Credit Card Holder // Umbrella // Document Holder // Batman Cup // Ted Baker Gloves  // Kurt Geiger Shoes // Dumb Bells

To view or purchase any of the gift ideas, just click on the links below the gift idea board and you will be directed to the shop. I hope this board gives you some inspiration to find a great Xmas gift for the men in your life. I am almost done with my Christmas shopping but there are always these super difficult cases.. Still looking for inspiration for them haha ♡


Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

Finally another weekend trip coming up and you have again not managed to pack your bag well in advance? Well this sounds totally like me. It’s generally the night before or on the day that I think about what to pack in my suitcase. This wouldn’t be so bad if you’d CHECK IN your luggage as you’d have at least 25 kg weight allowance – more than enough for a short trip. On top of that you could take all your cosmetics – no matter which size – with you.

But a short weekend getaway is much more relaxed if you travel light. So it helps to plan in advance to make the most of your little 10kg cabin luggage.

I live in London which is the perfect hub for weekend getaways in Europe. Flights from London to top destinations generally take 1-3 hours. So flying out on a Friday after work and coming back on a Sunday night works out perfectly.

I usually found myself packing in a bit of a hurry on a Thursday night or even on a Friday morning before work. Of course there were quite a few occasions when I forgot a few things.. So I created a weekend travel checklist to make sure I have everything I need.

The travel checklist is divided by luggage type, handbag (where all the important stuff goes) and the trolley/travel bag (for the rest).



Weekend Trip Travel Checklist


Passport, travel ID. Do not forget!

WalletDebit card to withdraw money abroad, credit cards and some cash

Plane ticket. Printed ticket if no mobile ticket

Phone. Have the hotel confirmation email and hotel address ready to read)

Valuables. They include jewellery, ipad or laptop, camera (sometimes airlines love to check in your cabin luggage anyway, so make sure you are prepared for that and don’t have anything super valuable or fragile in the trolley)

Keys. Your house keys after you have locked the door.

2. CABIN LUGGAGE (generally up to 10kg)

Cosmetics & Make up.Put the liquid stuff already in a travel plastic bag for the airport secunity check). Bring toothpaste, toothbrush, moisturiser, make up removal lotion, mascara, make up, eye shadow, lipstick, blush, deodorant, perfume, brush, nail polish.

If the hotel you are staying at doesn’t provide shampoo, shower gel and conditioner, you might want to buy them in a travel size at the airport.

Clothes. You will likely need one outfit for Friday night, an outfit for during the day on Saturday, one for Saturday night and one for Sunday. I’d bring at least one extra outfit just in case. Make sure you bring at least one more elegant outfit with you depending on where you head at night. Opt for over rather than under dressed if not sure. If you are not gling on a beach holiday, don’t forget tights for your dress.

Hair accessories. Hair pins, elastics, slides etc.

Sunglasses. Always handy. Not only in summer.

Evening purse. Smaller bag or clutch for the evening

Shoes. Comfy shoes for the day and heels for the evening. If you wear the heavier shoes during the travel, you might be able to fit another pair of shoes in your suitcase.

Bikini / bathing suit. Even if you are not going on a beach holiday, there miffy be a pool or SPA in the hotel.

Medicine. Though you most likely won’t need it, if you go in a bigger group there is usually at least one person happy about your travel medcine kit. Bring ibuprofen and the usual other stuff.

Charger. For laptop, ipad, mobile, camera and bring an adaptor if applicable.



– Are the windows closed?

– Did you lock the door /set the alarm?

– Are the lights switched off?
So you did book the hotel, return flight and have a travel insurance, right? Good, just checking :) Off you go,  have an awesome trip.

Let me know in the comments if any of your travel essentials have not made it on my list.



Finally the few weeks of summer in London have come and we are able to view movies outdoors. A beautiful venue to do that is Somerset House which features a number of movies every summer. This year the Film4 Summer event is on from 4 – 17 August. The ticket price is £16 per person which covers the entrance to view the movie. But as you are watching the movie outdoors, there are a number of things you have to bring. Most of the essentials are probably London specific. Or let’s say London weather specific.


The doors open at 6.30pm and the viewing starts after sunset around 9pm. As you might have guessed, there is no reserved seating in the courtyard, so don’t just show up at 8.45pm or you will find yourself at the end of the ‘seating area’ at a less preferable spot.

5 Essentials to Bring to Film4 Summer at Somerset House:

1. A blanket or rug to sit on

You will be sitting in the courtyard on paved floor, not on grass. Make sure you blanket or rug is comfy. My friend has a really comfy, luxurious rug from BAZAAR VELVET at her house but I told her not to bring it in case it got dirty!! A cheap, comfy rug is what you need. You can also bring a yoga mat. Chairs etc are not allowed. So bring something you can sit on for at least 3 hours.

2. Umbrellas and/or a raincoat

It’s London, what do you expect. There is always the chance of rain. So be prepared! You don’t want to miss a fun movie night in such a beautiful venue just because it’s raining again. If you do forget your rain preps, you can buy plastic ponchos for £1. But don’t rely on that as they may be sold out. And don’t only bring ONE umbrella. You might want to save yourself plus your blanket, food and drinks once it starts pouring down.

A warm jumper and a blanket

And again. You are watching a movie outdoors. At night. In London. There are barely warm summer nights in this city. So make sure you bring a few layers of clothes and a cosy blanket.

Food and Drinks (no glass!)

You probably have to get there by 7pm / 7.30pm to reserve a good seat. That means the whole outdoor cinema event will take around 4-5 hours. Of course you might want to have some nibbles, chocolate, popcorn and beer or wine. You can bring whatever you can carry but no glass.


That’s for the super prepared movie fans. Rather than enjoying the movie while sitting upright, you may as well watch it lying down on your super comfy rug, a warm blanket wrapped around you and your head resting on some cosy pillows :)


Somerset-House-Movies-in-Summer Somerset-House-Movies-in-Summer-2

We watched Dracula in Somerset House last week. The only thing I brought was chips, wine, a jumper and a towel. So we had to buy plastic poncho at it started raining a bit in the beginning. Towards the end of the movie we wrapped the ponchos around us to keep warm. So don’t make the mistakes. Bring all that’s on the list :)