Already the interior in the lobby of St Martins Lane Hotel looks quite cool and quirky. I mean, who has giant chess figures as decoration? I love chess so I immediately liked the place! Afternoon tea takes place in the Den which is located just off the lobby and is a perfect spot for cosy afternoon tea, playing a board game or even to just curl up with a book. We went for afternoon tea with some bubbles – of course :)

The food and the tea were amazing. I never manage to finish all the sweets when I go for afternoon tea. Same this time: we took half of the desserts home with us. It’s always great for a little treat the next day!

Can I get some sweets, please?

Love that door handle!

Doesn’t the interior of the hotel look super quirky? I loved it and of course we had to take some pictures!

The Look

What do you think about my top? I really like it as it’s super versatile from sporty to elegant. I especially like the back of it :) I collaborated with TOBI for this post and was super excited to find this one among their hundreds of cute tops! See for yourself here.