Beautiful Flowers at the Shard London

Whoosh, time flies! It’s already been more than a couple of weeks ago that we went for cocktails to the GONG bar in The Shard. If you are looking for a beautiful bar with amazing cocktails and an incredible view of London, this is the perfect cocktail bar for you!

I love going to the Shard as it’s one of the closest really good cocktail bars to my home. It literally takes me 15 mins to walk there (well, assuming I’m not wearing heels haha). The cocktails at GONG bar are at the 52nd (!) floor of the Shard which gives you the most amazing view of London.

GONG Bar The Shard London Cocktails

The minute you enter the Shard building you see super pretty decor, like the flowers below :) I love it that so many hotels, restaurants and shops decorate with flowers in spring. Makes me like this season even more!

Entrance Lobby Area Of the Shard London

Flowers at the Shard London

Perfect Cocktails and …

The mixologists at GONG bar are truly amazing and happy to mix you pretty much any cocktail you’d like – even if not on the menu. But rather than going for your usual one, try one of GONG bar’s signature cocktails. Some cocktails sound rather peculiar and are served in a quirky glass or jar (once I ordered a cocktail that was served in what looked like a mini shoe!) but all of them are really delicious. If you are a fan of the speakeasy-type of cocktails, you will love the cocktails at GONG bar :)

GONG Bar The Shard London Cocktails

… Perfect View!

If you don’t manage to get a table next to the window, just walk over to their bar sections and enjoy your cocktail next to the window there. The view of London is superb! I actually think there is no better view of London than this, the view from the Shard is also much better than the one from Samba Sushi or Duck & Waffles. They also have lovely decoration and furniture in the shard, especially around the bar: from the bar stools to the tables, everything was so unique and elegant!

GONG Bar The Shard London Cocktails

GONG Bar The Shard London Cocktails

And if you are after dinner rather than Cocktails, check out the TING restaurant at the Shard here.

How to get to Gong bar?

The Shard is located just off London Bridge and impossible to miss – it’s the largest building in the UK after all.. Once you are in the lobby, take the elevator up to GONG bar :) For reservations and more information about GONG bar, check out their website here.