Alice Adventures Underground London

Last week I went to see Alice Adventures Underground. After a successful sell-out run in 2015, the show is on again at The Vaults  in London. As a big fan of Alice in Wonderland, immersive theatres, and all things surreal, I obviously HAD to watch this one :)

If you are wondering what an immersive theatre is, it’s a show where the audience takes an active role in the story line! Yes, you!

Alice Adventures Underground London

After being led into a room full of dusty old books, antique-style furniture and lots of mirrors (of course!), we see Alice for the first time. She speaks to us through the mirror, seemingly a bit lost and unable to remember her name. Also she doesn’t really look like the Disney version of Alice. She much rather looks like an Alice after a zombie apocalypse. At that moment, if not earlier, you realise that you are not in for the cute Alice in Wonderland story but instead for some sort of strange and bizarre adventure.

Soon after that, we meet the bunny. I understand that also he is supposed to look like the ‘zombiefied’ version of the traditional bunny in Alice in Wonderland but I, personally, thought he was super cute. Yes, that’s probably just me.


Alice Adventures Underground London

Eat Me… or Drink me….?

‘Eat Me’ or ‘Drink Me’ is the decision you have to make upon entering Alice’s underground world through the rabbit hole. We opt for ‘Drink Me’ and seal our fate.

Next we are issued our entry / ID cards (called SUITs) for this surreal world that we are about to enter. We all receive Spades and thereby, unknowingly, join the movement against the Queen of Hearts. That said, there are lots of parallel stories happening at the same time. So even if you come to watch the show twice, each experience will be a bit different for you.

Alice Adventures Underground London

If you are a fan of immersive theatres you will LOVE Alice Adventures Underground!

And that’s it. I won’t tell you more because one of the most exciting parts of this show, and in general of immersive theatres, is not knowing what happens next. The only thing I say is, that the Alice Underground world is bizarre, sometimes a bit creepy, but absolutely magical and intoxicating.

Alice Adventures Underground London

Alice Adventures Underground London

Be there or be square..

Alice Adventures Underground runs several times a day from Tuesdays to Sundays. The play takes around 90 min, so make sure to arrive a bit in advance to sit down, have a drink and use the toilet before you dive into Alice’s Wonderland.


Enter the rabbit hole here: WONDERLAND TICKET


Alice Adventures Underground London

I have partnered with Alice Adventures Underground for this post. All opinions are my own.

If you are looking for some alternative things to do in London, visit the Highgate Cemetery in North London. The cemetery is said to have some of the finest funerary architecture in the country and is a must-see of lovers of the history of London. The Highgate Cemetery opened in 1839 and was the authorities’ response to London’s growing population. Before being buried in official cemeteries, graveyards and burial grounds were scattered throughout the city wherever was space. Often this meant that bodies were buried between taverns, shops and houses.

In early 1800 London’s population had grown to around one million which caused an ever increasing lack of burial space. By 1830 health reasons caused the authorities to find a solution and to create space for the dead. Subsequently a number of private cemeteries were opened in the countryside around London. Overlooking London, the location of the Highgate Cemetery and its distinct architecture attracted investments of wealthy individuals. The first person buried in Highgate Cemetery was Elizabeth Jackson, a 36 year old spinster of Golden Square in Soho on 26 May 1839.

In 1854 the eastern part of the cemetery was opened. There are now more than 170,000 people buried in 53,000 graves. The most notable person buried in the Highgate Cemetery is probably Karl Marx. Both, the West and the East Cemetery can be visited.

East Cemetery

The East Cemetery can be visited daily for an admission fee of £4 for adults. The East Cemetery is home to Karl Marx’s grave which you cannot miss due to its large size.

West Cemetery

Admission to the Highgate West Cemetery is by guided tour only. Don’t leave Highgate Cemetery without having visited the West Cemetery which is home to the most impressive architecture of the Highgate Cemetery. The tour lasts around 70min and is £12 for adults. Tours run several times per day. Check out Highgate Cemetery’s homepage for more information.  I love this part of the cemetery as it has some really spooky atmosphere. Too bad you can only visit by guided tour. Would be the ideal location for telling scary ghost stories :)

Some Architectural Beauty in North London..

On the way to Highgate Cemetery you will come across this beautiful building just on the corner of Chester Road and Swain’s Lane. Beautiful North London :)

Finally the few weeks of summer in London have come and we are able to view movies outdoors. A beautiful venue to do that is Somerset House which features a number of movies every summer. This year the Film4 Summer event is on from 4 – 17 August. The ticket price is £16 per person which covers the entrance to view the movie. But as you are watching the movie outdoors, there are a number of things you have to bring. Most of the essentials are probably London specific. Or let’s say London weather specific.


The doors open at 6.30pm and the viewing starts after sunset around 9pm. As you might have guessed, there is no reserved seating in the courtyard, so don’t just show up at 8.45pm or you will find yourself at the end of the ‘seating area’ at a less preferable spot.

5 Essentials to Bring to Film4 Summer at Somerset House:

1. A blanket or rug to sit on

You will be sitting in the courtyard on paved floor, not on grass. Make sure you blanket or rug is comfy. My friend has a really comfy, luxurious rug from BAZAAR VELVET at her house but I told her not to bring it in case it got dirty!! A cheap, comfy rug is what you need. You can also bring a yoga mat. Chairs etc are not allowed. So bring something you can sit on for at least 3 hours.

2. Umbrellas and/or a raincoat

It’s London, what do you expect. There is always the chance of rain. So be prepared! You don’t want to miss a fun movie night in such a beautiful venue just because it’s raining again. If you do forget your rain preps, you can buy plastic ponchos for £1. But don’t rely on that as they may be sold out. And don’t only bring ONE umbrella. You might want to save yourself plus your blanket, food and drinks once it starts pouring down.

A warm jumper and a blanket

And again. You are watching a movie outdoors. At night. In London. There are barely warm summer nights in this city. So make sure you bring a few layers of clothes and a cosy blanket.

Food and Drinks (no glass!)

You probably have to get there by 7pm / 7.30pm to reserve a good seat. That means the whole outdoor cinema event will take around 4-5 hours. Of course you might want to have some nibbles, chocolate, popcorn and beer or wine. You can bring whatever you can carry but no glass.


That’s for the super prepared movie fans. Rather than enjoying the movie while sitting upright, you may as well watch it lying down on your super comfy rug, a warm blanket wrapped around you and your head resting on some cosy pillows :)


Somerset-House-Movies-in-Summer Somerset-House-Movies-in-Summer-2

We watched Dracula in Somerset House last week. The only thing I brought was chips, wine, a jumper and a towel. So we had to buy plastic poncho at it started raining a bit in the beginning. Towards the end of the movie we wrapped the ponchos around us to keep warm. So don’t make the mistakes. Bring all that’s on the list :)