Judging by the amount of tourists, it seems that by now nearly everyone has heard of Borough Market, the famous London street food market near London Bridge. And this is no surprise, the market offers plenty of food stalls with yummy food from all over the world. On top of that there are lots of little coffee shops and juice bars. The perfect mix for a long weekend brunch with your friends.

The times when Borough Market was an insider tip are long gone. But hello, it’s London – of course there are always new ‘cool’ things to do in this city. Staying south of the river, there is another hip street food market just around the corner of Borough Market: The Maltby Street Market.


The Maltby Street Market is located on Ropewalk between Maltby Street and Millstream Road. The street food market is not as big as the Borough Market (yet!) but way less touristy and much more cosy. There are around 20 food stalls offering lots of different dishes from sausages, oysters, baguettes to specialities from various parts of the world. In between the food stalls there are little cafes and places where you can have wine and beer. Overall it’s so cosy and cute that I definitely prefer it to Borough Market. It’s just way nicer to sit outside and have a glass of wine and the whole atmosphere is more relaxed than at Borough Market. Also tourists are not constantly bumping into you.

Maltby-St-Market-London-6Maltby-St-Market-London-3 Maltby-St-Market-London-1


The Maltby Street Market is open on Saturdays and Sundays and perfect for meeting friends for brunch and some wine. After brunch you could head over to Bermondsey Street into a pub or walk towards the river and sit outside in a café. Well of course, you could also combine your trip to Maltby Street Market with a walk through Borough Market – it’s all located super close to each other.


Battersea Park Children’s Zoo And Walking Through Battersea Park

If you are visiting (or living in) London and can’t decide between the London Aquarium and London Zoo or have already visited both attractions – let me add another option for a lovely sunny day to spend with animals:


The Battersea Parl Children’s Zoo

Yes, as the name says, it is a zoo for children. I would definitely recommend going to the Battersea Zoo if you have small children up to the age of 6. This zoo is generally less crowded and offers much more for small children. Being more of secret or alternative London sightseeing option, the zoo is also less busy during weekends and there is generally no need to queue for tickets. Two more great benefits for choosing this zoo opposed to London Zoo is that children are actually able to see a lot more during feeding times than in bigger zoos and that there are various little playgrounds for kids and space for picnics throughout the zoo.

Battersea Park Children's Zoo Animals
Battersea Park Children's Zoo Animals

Battersea Park Children's Zoo Animals

Battersea Park Children's Zoo Animals Feeding Time

In case you were wondering, also ‘bigger’ kids will have a good time at this Battersea Park Children’s Zoo. So I went there last Saturday with my granny and my boyfriend and we had an amazing time. Although we have certainly passed the age of the average person in the playground I had the impression that we at least had as much fun :) Also the animals were really cute and overall it was just such a pleasant day. Although my granny did not join us in the playground, strolling through the zoo is also a good option for things to do in London with your grandmother (in addition to your afternoon tea marathon!).

children's zoo London
The zoo is located in Battersea Park which is also great for a nice walk or picnic after your Zoo visit. During summer weekends there are often events in the park like live music which are a nice change to relaxing on the grass and enjoying a London summer day.


Battersea Park London

Battersea Park London
Battersea Park London
Battersea Park London