Lake Bled. Must-see sights in Easter Europe

As part of the Croatia and Slovenia road trip late last summer, we spend a day at Lake Bled. OMG, I don’t even know where to start to describe how beautiful this place is. In fact, I don’t even think that my non-mother-tongue vocabulary would do any justice (and I’m not a poet at all either). So instead of failing at describing it adequately, I took LOADS of photos of which this lot here is just a tiny little selection :) So, see for yourself!

Bottom line: Lake Bled is definitely a must-see if you travel through Slovenia or in Istria in Croatia.
Lake Bled Castle and Church On the Way to the Castle

Find the girls… or don’t 

I travelled with 3 of my friends (we were a group of 4 ladies) but on the day that we visited Lake Bled, I decided to stay longer in bed and recover a bit more from my cold. Our apartment was just a 20 mins walk away from the lake, so it would be super easy to find them later.

So I thought. I thought WRONG.

It turns out that you always need around one hour to get from one pretty place on Lake Bled to another. Walking up to the castle takes around 20 to 30 minutes (especially if you have a cold..) and the boat ride to the island takes about the same… then there are lots of pretty places around the lake to which you – depending on your choice of transport – also need around 30 mins. Once you have arrived at any of these pretty sights you also want to spend some time there. As I thought the girls would visit the castle first, I went straight there. Yet they decided to start with the island instead.. This meant that we were always around one hour and a half ‘away’ from each other.

Well, it’s not that I did sightseeing on my own for the first time, so I still had a great time. Yet I was super happy to finally meet them again in the late afternoon when we had a quick and early dinner before we headed off to the airport to fly back to London.

Bled Castle

Castle Bled. Slovenia Things to Do.

The most beautiful castles in Europe. Lake Bled Castle.

Lake Bled and Castle.

View from the Other side of Lake Bled.

Castle on the rock at Lake Bled.

Romantic castle built on a rock at Lake Bled.

Inside Lake Bled’s Castle

Inside Lake Bled's Castle.

Sightseeing Lake Bled Castle.

Wine shop at Lake Bled.

Lake Bled Castle.

Inside Lake Bled's Castle

Trekking to Lake Bled's Castle.

The View From Bled Castle

View from Lake Bled's Castle

Walking Up to Lake Bled's Castle

Beautiful view of Lake Bled in Slovenia.

Things to do in Slovenia: Lake Blade

Little Island on Lake Bled

Lake Bled’s Island

Quaint little island on Lake Bled.

… Taking a boat to Lake Bled’s island

So… I guess when I just hopped into the boat to the island, the girls just hopped into their boat to leave the island.. what a timing :) Nope, they couldn’t have waited for me as the boat rides are ‘timed’ and you have around 45 mins only on the island before your boat leaves again.

My road ride back was amazing though as suddenly a guy asked me to hold his phone facing him and his girlfriend. I took the phone with a big question mark above my head first – he just asked me to ‘hold’ not to take a picture.. But then he went down on his knees and I realised the phone is taking a video.. and it made ‘click’. He was proposing :) OMG, this was soooo cute. All the other guests on the boat started applauding and when we arrived there was a lot of hugging going on :) :)

Taking the boat to Lake Bled's island

Lake Bled and Bled Castle in summer

Lake Bled's Castle. View from below.

View of Lake Bled's island from the boat

Lake Bled's beautiful small island

… On the Island

Visiting the island on lake bled

Island on lake bled

Walking around the small island on Lake Bled

Walking along the water on the island on Lake Bled

Around Lake Bled

So I initially did NOT plan to take a walk around the lake. My only intention after visiting the castle and the island was to meet the girls to have dinner. As I didn’t find a taxi and it started raining, I decided to take the little sightseeing train that drives along the lake in a circle. It even stopped right in front of the restaurant.

But I didn’t get off. It was still raining so I took out my phone to check google maps whether I’m really in front of the restaurant or if I should stay in the train and get off at the next stop. When I realised that YEYYY, I’m right in front of it… the train started moving again. It had stopped each time before for around 5 mins but this stop was less than 30 sec! So I tried to shout at the driver but he couldn’t hear me. For a second I contemplated ‘jumping off’ the train but then, nah.. I didn’t do that. Reality is often much different from the movies.

I ended up at the OTHER end of the lake.. around 40 mins (!) walking distance from the restaurant. Awesome. I was already too late. So now I was even beyond being ‘too late’.

And again, no taxi. And no train going the other way. So I decided to RUN.

Have you ever jogged during the woods? In your jeans with your purse? It’s great…. not. At least I was wearing sneakers.

But it was sort of fun… Running up and down little hills within the wood and having no idea whether I’m actually taking the right route, reminded me on the game ‘Skyrim‘. At least I wasn’t wearing steel armor and had to fight dragons.. (yup, that’s my geeky side).

It turned out that I took the right short cut and arrived at the restaurant around 15 mins later. I was greeted with some Prosecco (girls – you are the best!).

View of Lake Bled's Island with Church.

Idyllic Slovenia. Lake Bled  Things to Do at Lake Bled. Lake Bled Slovenia.

Beautiful View of the Lake Bled Castle

Things to Do at Lake Bled. Trekking around Lake Bled   Things to Do at Lake Bled. Lake Bled Slovenia. Have you been to Slovenia and Lake Bled? Let me know in the comments.

There is a little giveaway below the blog post :)

Ljubljana Castle View

During the girls road trip that I did last September, Ljubljana was the penultimate stop. We arrived just in time for dinner in the evening and continued further on to Lake Bled (our last stop) on the next day after sightseeing in Ljubljana.

We rented a loft in a former aristocratic townhouse that had been converted into a hotel. The loft had two floors for the four of us which was perfect. There was also a huge bathtub that we used for a little bikini / SPA session with lots of bubbles later that night after coming home from dinner. Nope, these photos will not make it onto the blog :)

DINNER in Ljubljana

MANNA Restaurant Ljubljana

We had dinner at Manna, a lovely restaurant with really good Slovenian food. We were seated on the upper floor which had a perfectly cozy ambiance. The waiters were incredibly friendly and the food was delicious. We decided to order a 7 dish tasting menu which meant that we spent quite some time at the restaurant. Of course, all courses were accompanied by the matching wines :) I definitely want to return to Ljubljana again to try out some other restaurants and maybe experience their nightlife. A lot of people say that the Ljubljana craft beer scene is amazing so while beer isn’t my go-to drink, I might give it a try!

MANNA Restaurant Ljubljana

Sightseeing in Ljubljana

The next day after breakfast we joined a historic walking tour. The first hour was really interesting and explained all the major buildings around the market place, as well as the meaning of the various sculptures and bridges.

One Night In Ljubljana - Things To Do In One Day | Travel Blog

One Night In Ljubljana - Things To Do In One Day | Travel Blog

Bye bye Walking Tour

As we were just coming from a long weekend on the beach in Hvar and Pula, having planned for mostly warmer temperatures, we were not really prepared for the colder weather during our day in Ljubljana. Even layering up with all sorts of jumpers didn’t help much anymore after one hour of moving at a snail’s pace. So we ditched our lovely walking tour to warm up in a coffee shop.

Off to the Castle!

After some hot coffee, we felt much better and decided to visit Ljubljana Castle. Lucky us, there was a funicular that brought us up to the castle – no need to walk up and freeze even more. The views from the castle are really impressive. Yet the castle museum as such was a bit underwhelming. I prefer it if things are left rather ‘authentic’ so you can imagine how people lived there once. Ljubljana Castle is a bit too modern now for my taste. But it’s still worth visiting, so do plan in some hours for this part of the sightseeing. There are so many pretty and cool things to see and do here and a lot of these places a worth capturing the moment for and maybe even posting it on social media for people to see. When I posted photos from places I had visited on this trip, I started to notice growth when it came to instagram followers, so I’m glad people online are loving the content as much as I enjoyed visiting places like the Ljubljana Castle.

One Night In Ljubljana - Things To Do In One Day | Travel Blog

One Night In Ljubljana - Things To Do In One Day | Travel Blog

One Night In Ljubljana - Things To Do In One Day | Travel Blog

Where are the girls?!

I was so distracted by taking photos of the beautiful views that I didn’t realize that the girls continued with their tour of the museum without me. So when I turned around, I was on my own. Haha, took me a while to find them again as, of course, my phone’s battery was quite low by that point.

The Boat Ride

I finally found them again around an hour later when we were all meeting in time for the boat tour that we had booked for 3 pm. Lesson learned for traveling with more people: It might come in handy to book some activities in advance for the day. Well, or just make sure your phone is properly charged :)

One Night In Ljubljana - Things To Do In One Day | Travel Blog

One Night In Ljubljana - Things To Do In One Day | Travel Blog

The only good thing about the boat tour though was the fact that I found the girls. During the first 30 mins, we passed by pretty much nothing noteworthy at all. And it was cold and RAINY. Of course, our boat had outside seating only. Yeeey. By the time that we finally arrived at the famous bridges of the old town, we were chilled to the bone and wet. At least I got to take some pretty photos.

One Day in Ljubljana – Impressions


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