Mount Lavinia Hotel Sunset View Of Ocean

While we were around one month into our trip through Vietnam, friends of ours had their wedding in Sri Lanka. Most of the wedding guests had quite long trips to get to Sri Lanka (mostly from London and Australia) but we just ‘hopped’ over from Saigon haha. It was an amazing long weekend trip from Vietnam and the wedding was lots of fun! Sri Lanka’s beaches are also super beautiful, so that obviously was another big plus!

Wedding Fun

The wedding was a mix of a western (Australian) and a traditional Indian wedding and held at the Mount Lavinia hotel in Colombo. The hotel did an amazing job in decorating the different venues and made sure that both traditions were properly accounted for. Day number one of the wedding celebration consisted of a fun beach barbecue during the day and a henna party at night. I found it super fascinating how quickly the henna was painted on my hands and arms… the below design was done in less than 5 mins! The rest of the henna party was then spent dancing to Bollywood-style music :)

Sri Lanka Mount Lavinia Hotel Henna Party Wedding

The wedding ceremonies were held on day two. Whilst the Indian wedding ceremony lasted around two to three hours, the western ceremony was finished in around 30 min.. There was a coffee and cake break between the ceremonies which was exactly what the guests needed after sitting still for such a long time haha.. Both ceremonies were absolutely beautiful :)

Sri Lanka Wedding Trip
At night we had an amazing dinner on the beach and then hit the dance floor until early in the morning. Everything was so beautifully decorated – AGAIN! 

Sri Lanka Wedding Weekend

La Voile Blanche

Sri Lanka Colombo Beach Trip La Voile Blanche

While waiting until we could check in to our apartment on the first day we decided have a cappuccino and a cocktail at La Voile Blanche. I totally loved this place as it has amazing food and super yummy cocktails. There is also a direct beach access so you can sip your cocktail while sunbathing. In fact we liked La Voile Blanche so much that we came back the day after the wedding for a relaxed day on the beach before heading to the airport at night. If you like playing in big waves during sunset (like me in the photo below!) and a yummy cocktail afterwards, come to La Voile Blanche :) To read more about the place, read my post about it here.

Sri Lanka Colombo Beach Trip


Today I met a friend for a veeeery late afternoon tea at Liberty in Oxford Circus. Have you been? Their decoration is so pretty! After our tea session we decided to have a little stroll through Liberty’s Christmas Shop. I know it’s way too early for Xmas (like at least 2 weeks to go!) but since the Christmas Shop was just 3  mins away from the little tea place at Liberty, we just had to have a quick look at it! But no, I didn’t buy anything…this time. Will probably come back in a couple of weeks and get something then :) We then headed to Victoria’s Secret to buy a long Pyjama (perfect for London’s winter) and then had dinner at Burger & Lobster near Oxford Circus. I went for their lobster roll, so yummy! Now it’s time for one more episode of Downton Abbey before I go to sleep. Good night :)


Liberty’s Christmas Shop

liberty-oxford-circus-christmas-shop-4 liberty-oxford-circus-christmas-shop-3 liberty-oxford-circus-christmas-shop

Dinner at Burger & Lobster