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Clapham WC

Clapham WC

What a fun weekend! On Friday I met with two friends for dinner at Campania & Jones before heading over to dance to some electronic music at Oval Space. I didn’t know the DJs (it’s not my kind of music usually) but it was lots of fun. On Saturday Michael and I went to Clapham to have brunch. As we decided to walk through the park first it was a bit late for brunch afterwards, so we went straight for wine and snacks at WC – a super cosy little restaurant/wine bar in a former public toilet (hello quirky London!). Unfortunately they don’t serve hot beverages, so instead of a Cappuccino I had to do with an Espresso Martini haha. In the evening we (7 girls!) joined in for the craziness at Elysee, a Greek restaurant near Goodge Street where you get to smash plates and dance on them, and guys, listen up, there is also a belly dancer!





  • Michelle

    This looks wonderful and so much fun!! I also love your photos.

  • Tiffanie Anne

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful! I really think I caught the travel bug by just looking at your blog!!

  • Jasmine

    What amazing photos! It all looks beautiful


    Beautiful pictures Love!

    Karolina Žalaitė

  • maritza baez

    i’ve never been to london or WC. this place looks so cozy and cool

  • Peter Nyiri

    Oh my God, this stuff is just so beautiful!
    I also need to plan such experiences in my own life…. It’s important to have fun.

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