Cruising Around in Phuket

Cruising around in Phuket by scooter

What are your thoughts on cruising around with a scooter?

And I don’t mean using the scooter in a cold country and in its busiest city when it’s raining haha. Instead picture yourself on an empty street next to a lovely beach surrounded by beautiful nature in a hot and tropical climate.. Now breathe in the air and feel the wind blowing through your hair and cooling you down very gently :)

That’s what I refer to with cruising around on your scooter. Especially in South East Asia a scooter is just the best way to explore a beach town or island. When we spent two months in Vietnam hopping from one remote town to another we always made sure we rented a scooter at every new place. You are much more connected to the surroundings than in a car and you are much quicker than by foot or bicycle. Also it is just soooo much fun :) I really love to explore new places like that. You can stop wherever you want and have a break to enjoy the view. By scooter you can also find the prettiest remote beaches that you otherwise wouldn’t have found.

Cruising around in Phuket by scooter

Convinced, yet?

It is also quite easy to rent a scooter in Thailand or Vietnam. Just check with the hotel or hostel you are staying in. Sometimes they rent them out to guests directly. If not, ask what the usual prices are and whether they can recommend a place to rent the scooter. Once you to rent your little cruiser, check it for any broken parts, choose a helmet that at least gives you some sense of security and off you go :) The scooters are never perfect and the helmets are never the safest ones. But then you are not planning to RACE around the island. You are planning to CRUISE around and explore. Hence just a bit faster than by bicycle..

Relatively easy, right?

Before you start exploring make sure to download google maps on your phone, take cash and put on sunscreen. A camera and bathing clothes are also a good idea :)

Have fun!

Cruising around in Phuket by scooter

Cruising around in Phuket by scooter

PS: The photos are taken in Phuket :)




  • Hang Around The World

    We have a friend who have always invited us to visit Phuket and now thank to your post we know why. With your photos you inspired us and we’d love to try your same experience especially the tour with the scooter!!

  • Teri

    I love blow like this! The pictures are astonishing! I can get lost in them. Great visual “vacation” from my day!

  • Teri

    Please excuse my typo. I meant I love BLOG like this one. ? So sorry!
    Teri recently posted…Being one of the older ones in the groupMy Profile

  • Lindsay

    Looks incredible and you look so relaxed and peaceful. :)
    I hope to make it to that side of the world someday.

  • stacey veikalas

    Oh you all are brave, we were in Phuket for a few months and My husband wanted a scooter but I was worried they were so dangerous especially at night. It looks like you had an amazing time and the view seems much better than with the car. Thanks for sharing.

  • Daniel Cardona

    Phuket is actually one of the worst places I’ve in all Thailand. When I landed there I thought I was in Russia with all the Russian shirtless drunks around the place. What’s most disgusting of all are the old men walking hand in hand with underage local Thai girls. Also the beaches are jam-packed and everything is much more expensive than the rest of Thailand. Your article is much, much better than what Phuket is :)

    • Karateandcaviar

      Yes, I saw that side of Phuket, too. We saw it while driving by on the scooter actually. Our hotel was located in a remote part of Phuket, away from all that craziness. But agree, that side is horrible. I hope it won’t spread even more!

  • Shannon

    This looks amazing! I’m so surprised at how much Phuket looks like Northern California. I love the idea of riding a scooter around but I have a back injury so I wouldn’t be able to. I wonder if there’s another way it could be done.
    Shannon recently posted…The Cheapest Cities for Travel in 2017 (And the Most Expensive)My Profile

  • Stephanie Jeannot

    That seems like such a thrilling adventure. I love that you live life on the edge. So cool!

  • Stephanie Bills

    These shots are stunning! I can’t wait to explore Thailand! This is serious motivation to head out and buy a ticket!

  • Jewels

    Your photos are lovely! The last time I was in Thailand, we didn’t make it to Phuket, but this makes me want to go visit soon!
    Jewels recently posted…How to Make the Most out of Any Airport LayoverMy Profile

  • Aleksandra

    What a wonderful place to go to! Looks amazing!

  • Yana

    Looks like you had an amaizing time! The pics are so sunny and positive!

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