Disneyland – The Cutest Day Trip From Tokyo

If you are planning to spend a few more days in Tokyo and have time for ‘alternative’ sightseeing suggestions, you might want to include a trip to Disneyland in your Tokyo agenda! Getting there takes less than an hour from the usual areas in Tokyo where people tend to stay.

Disneyland Tokyo Japan

Once you arrive at Disneyland, there are two theme parks, DisneySea and Disneyland. If you want to visit both parks you should plan in two days. One option is to stay in the lovely Disney resort hotel and feel like a Disney princess. The other option is to just head back to your hotel in Tokyo and come back the next day. As Disneyland is so conveniently located, you might as well do that.


We decided to spend one day only on Disney craziness and went to the Disneyland park. Though I was sad to miss out on The Little Mermaid and Jasmine who are in the DisneySea park, I just love Donald Duck and his friends too much to miss out on Mickey’s Toon Town. And Cinderella, Belle and Snow White also live in Disneyland so I still got my fair share of Disney princesses :)

Disneyland’s attractions are super cute and there is something for everyone. Lots of entertainment and rides for little kids, as well as for bigger kids (adults living their childhood dreams..). If you have been to the Disneyland in Los Angeles you will not find many new attractions in Tokyo’s Disneyland. The big difference is just that everything is in Japanese and I had the feeling there are more shops where you can buy lots of Disney accessories. Of course, I had to get Minnie Mouse ears!

Disneyland Tokyo

Goofys Playhouse Disneyland

This is Goofy’s house in Mickey’s Toon Town. You can also hang out at Minnie’s and say hi to Mickey in his house (of course it right next to Minnie’s house!).  Tokyo Disneyland Mickey Mouse Food

Tokyo Disneyland Toon Town

Tokyo Disneyland Disneyland Tokyo

Make sure you arrive before noon to make most of your day in Disneyland. That way will be able to join all rides and attractions while still having time to have coffee and sweets. And don’t forget to use the fast track tickets. You can get them next to the entrance of each attraction. If you time it right, you can get one ticket per hour which saves you lot of waiting time! Also, do see Donald Duck’s 3D show – so so so cute :)

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