Disneyland – Meet Minnie Mouse and Sleeping Beauty

It’s day 5! After having spent a few days in LA and Hollywood, we finally made it to Disneyland :) I have wanted to go the ‘real’ Disneyland as opposed to Euro Disney in Paris since I was a little girl and watched Disney movies on VHS.

Disneyland is circa 2 hours away by car from LA. So you could make it a day trip or stay in a hotel in Disneyland or close by.  I would definitely recommend the hotel option as there is a super beautiful firework at night and you can still join rides and attractions until 12am!

Disneyland in LA is with an entry price of circa USD 100 not the cheapest theme park and certainly more expensive than Euro Disney, however it is definitely worth it if you stay until evening and watch the night shows and firework.

Disneyland is divided in different worlds according to Disney movies and themes. My favourite worlds are Fantasyland, Mickey’s Toon Town. Disney’s Fantasyland has the Sleeping Beauty castle and everything else related to Disney Princesses. There are also many shows in Fantasyland during the day that feature a lots of different Disney characters. In Mickey’s Toon Town you can visit Donald Duck’s Boat, Mickey and Minnie Mouse’ houses or play in Goofy’s house – yup, that one is a bit more for kids Smile.

In general everything in Disneyland has lots of detail and you can see that the makers really put some effort in it to create even little things the way you have seen in the Disney movies.

Disneyland Entrance

DisneyLand Princess Castle

Disneyland castle

Disney Mickey Mouse

Disneyland sign

Disneyland Candies

Disneyland Cup

Disneyland Popcorn

Disneyland Icecream

Disneyland Minnie Car

Disneyland Door Opening


Some of the Disneyland Highlights:

Snow White’s Scary Adventure which showed the little house Snow White lived in and the castle of the evil queen

– Walking through Mickey’s Toon Town and Minnie’s house. Here you can really see that lots of focus was put on the details. Walking through the toon houses really makes you feel like you are visiting Minnie Mouse and she is about to walk into the room any second to welcome you

Jungle Cruise. There is a relatively huge part of the Adventure Land built into a river where you might be attacked by animals and natives Winking smile

Indiana Jones Adventure. This ride was so much fun! You are sitting in a car that bumps through roads full of little adventures and danger everywhere..

Pirates of the Caribbean. Looking for Jack Sparrow? This is your ride!

– 60th Anniversary Firework. Definitely stay until the end, the firework was super amazing and sooo beautiful!

I did not join the Peter Pan ride which I believe might have been also one of my favourites as I am a huge Tinkerbell fan :)

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