Have you been to Belgium? I know it often doesn’t make the Top 10 Places in Europe cut but it is certainly worth visiting. Ghent is such an amazing and beautiful city that is absolutely underrated and should be on your Europe Trip list. Oh and then Bruges! Bruges is such a lovely place that is characterised by its canals, little streets and medieval buildings.

Ghent Sightseeing Places to Visit

And also the coast of Belgium is super lovely. It’s not really the beach you are after if you want a proper summer holiday (go to Spain, Italy, Portugal, or Greece) but it is full of yummy seafood restaurants and has its own little character. It still has lots of characteristics of a fishing village and there is a stunning cathedral! And before I forget, there is Brussels, of course, Belgium’s capital city and also the administrative capital of the European Union. Brussels is definitely worth seeing too as it is quite a fun place. But I personally would pick Ghent and Bruges as these places are quite special and different from other places in Europe. So far I have only managed to write up the post about things to do in the coastal town Ostend. But do come back, soon there will be more Belgium Things to Do posts ♡

Where to Travel in Belgium

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