We stayed in Moscow for two days as we had a stopover on our way from Germany to Vietnam. Well, more precisely it was one evening and one day in Moscow before we continued our journey to Ho Chi Minh City. Moscow is incredibly beautiful. To be honest, I didn’t expect that. I just thought that it is simply another big city but I was wrong. It is another big that is super gorgeous. I love the architecture and although it was super cold (February!) and I was dressed the wrong way (luggage only had summer clothes for the Vietnam etc) I had to stop (and freeze) in front of so many buildings as they were just so beautiful. Before we arrived in Moscow we had asked our Russian friends for lots of tips to make most of the short stay in Moscow. So below are some tips if you visit Moscow for a day or two.

Moscow in One Day Travel Guide

I definitely want to come back and spend more time in Moscow. Also, Saint Petersburg is very high on my travel bucket list. Well.. and then there is this plan of doing a motorcycle tour through Russia and Kazakhstan. But for this I would need to have a motorcycle driver’s license first haha. One day, one day :)

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Moscow Travel Guide Moscow in One Night