Brighton is a lovely beach town that makes a nice little day trip from London. There are lots of quirky shopping streets and of course, there is the beach :) It is definitely not the prettiest beach of all but then you don’t really visit the UK for its beaches, do you? Nevertheless it is a great town for quick trip to the beach from London and you can even do surfing there :)

Whilst the beach is super empty in the photo above (guess why, it was cold and raining), it is PACKED in summer. And there are lots of parties and festivals in summer, so keep Brighton in mind for your upcoming day trips from London this summer.

If you are in Brighton and have a bit more time, visit the SEA LIFE aquarium. It is quite huge and home to lots of different marine and freshwater species from seahorses to starfish, turtles to sharks and lots of little cute fishies :)

Brighton Sea Life Aquarium


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