Sea Life Brighton

SEA LIFE is the world’s largest aquarium brand, making their aquariums a must-see for any aquatic enthusiast. So if you enjoy being around sealife, then this is the place for you! We recently purchased our first fish tank, and our little girl is so excited about it, she’s fascinated. We’ve got a couple of fish at the moment, but are looking to expand our fish family by getting some Rare Guppies which is so exciting. In the meantime, we spend so much time here, especially on rainy days! If you’re ever in Brighton, or just near a SEA LIFE centre, make sure you visit! The aquarium makes a perfect day out for kids!

SEA LIFE Brighton

The SEA LIFE Brighton is located just before the Brighton Pier and very hard to miss. Just walk down the stairs and queue up for buying the entrance tickets (like us in the rain!) or order online and skip the queue.

The SEA LIFE aquarium in Brighton is relatively huge with lots of different species from turtles to sharks, starfish to seahorses and of course lots of beautiful tropical and freshwater fish. There are guided behind-the-scenes tours during which you will get access to areas that are generally closed to the public, e.g. where fish food is prepared, and learn tons about what it takes to operate such a huge aquarium. Also a lot about SEA LIFE’s breeding, research and conservation programmes will be explained to you.

There is an underwater tunnel from which you will come super close to all the fishies living in the Sea Life’s underwater world. This is especially exciting if you like little sharks, turtles and rays :) There are lots of windows integrated in the tunnel so you can easily follow your favourite underwater inhabitant around.

Honestly I could spend hours and hours just sitting in front of the tanks and watching the fish go about their business. Same thing when I am snorkeling or scuba diving. I LOVE watching the little cute fishies swim around and living in their underwater worlds. It’s the perfect meditation for me :)

SEA LIFE’s conservation efforts

Apart from educating visitors about our planet’s marine and freshwater wildlife, SEA Life also runs breeding programmes for a variety of creatures including sharks, rays, penguins and turtles. Furthermore, many of SEA LIFE’s aquariums rescue and release injured and sick animals such as seals and turtles.

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