Fancy Dresses and Carnival in Germany

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Dusseldorf for the German Carnival. Have you ever thought that German people are strict, way too serious and boring? Think again! Everyone in the street is dressed up in fancy dresses! Not only the kids! Everyone! You will see all sorts of costumes from witches, vampires, and monsters as well known from Halloween to clowns, ladybugs, pirates and animals. Once you have passed these rather “usual” costumes, don’t miss out on the Tetris figures, shower curtains (!!), and guys in mermaid costumes or pink fairies.. (my personal favourites of course!).

Below are my three favourite shots of the 2015 Dusseldorf carnival and the Rosenmontag street parade.

Dusseldorf Carnival Street Parade near Hotel Breidenbacher Hof

Caricature during Street Parade

Dusseldorf Old Town