Flashback Friday to One Day In Athens

Thanks, London for your 20 degrees in the middle of July.. Having just spent around 8 months living in an endless summer all over the globe, this weather makes it even harder to adjust! These are the moments when I doubt that London is one of the best cities in Europe. Of course it will always be within my top 5 of the coolest cities to live in BUT, seriously, where is your summer?!

Athens Panorama View

Wishing myself to a hotter city I just thought of Athens. I visited beautiful Athens during a lovely summer when I was passing by on a cruise ship. We just had one day in Athens and it was hot! Very, very hot! So there was no way that we’d walk more than we had to! Still we decided to leave the cruise’s pool behind and head to the city of Athens. After all, I loved Philosophy in school and really wanted to see where the likes of Plato and Socrates came up with all their ideas. So there we were, hopping into a taxi to get us closer to the sights that Athens had to offer. Some time of driving through crazy traffic later, we were dropped at the Acropolis. Well, not really. The taxi dropped us at the ‘entrance’. Of course you have to walk all the way up… Did I mention it was very hot?

Athens 4

At least you have an amazing view while walking up to the Acropolis and the Parthenon. And the sights and its historic town are really impressive. Still I wonder how the philosophers were able to form clear thoughts with this heat! Which reminds me, one of my friends is going to Greece next year – she’s starting in Athens before island hopping to Crete! She’s already looking at renting a car from e-mietwagenkreta so she can explore the island at her own pace. I’d love to explore Greece by hitting the roads one day too.

Anyway, here is the proof that shows how beautiful one of the most important ancient sites in the Western world looks like.. and why it was absolutely worth it to almost faint while walking up there.. :)

Athens 3

One Day in Athens View

Athens Sightseeing in One Day | Travel Blog

Athens Sightseeing in One Day | Travel Blog Athens Sightseeing in One Day | Travel Blog Athens Sightseeing in One Day | Travel Blog

See? So while the Parthenon is visible from almost everywhere in Athens, it is really worth going up and being close to this mystic sight that is so important to the entire history of philosophy.

Athens Sightseeing in One Day | Travel Blog

After this great but exhausting walk, we arrived back to where we had been dropped by the taxi driver a couple of hours ago. Obviously we didn’t feel like continuing our little sightseeing tour on foot, so what a timing that this little tourist sightseeing train came by. We jumped in immediately and were then taken to all the major sights of Athens. The temperature was just perfect on the train. You are slowly driven through beautiful Athens while sitting in the shade and listening to some info about the city. So relaxing!

Athens sightseeing

At the end of our Athens-In-One-Day excursion we had a little break in an old part of the town with super cute cafes and then took a little stroll through Athens’ pretty little shops.

Athens Sightseeing in One Day | Travel Blog

And back to find a taxi to go back on the cruise.. bye, bye, pretty Athens :)

Athens Sightseeing in One Day | Travel Blog

Athens Sightseeing in One Day | Travel Blog

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