Germany is not immediately on the top of your travel bucket list when planning your Europe trip but it should :) If you are planning to visit all major cities in Europe, you haven’t seen the whole story if you miss out what Germany has to offer. For a first time visit to Germany pick any of the following three beautiful cities with so much character and life: Berlin, Munich, Hamburg. For seasonal visits, have a look at Cologne :)

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Germany is either summer (July till September) as it is usually sunny and warm or come in December to visit Germany’s famous Christmas markets. A very beautiful Xmas market route would be from Cologne to Frankfurt for a long weekend. Click here for the itinerary. Or come in February for Carnival in Cologne or Dusseldorf – make sure you dress up!

Travel ideas – click on the photos to read more!

Wuppertal - Romantic Places German Xmas Market Weekend travel hacksMainz Xmas Market

Carnival in Dusseldorf

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