Happy New Year! Have An Amazing 2016!

What an amazing 2015 full of travel stories! It started with an awesome skiing holiday in Austria in January followed by a crazy carnival party in February in Germany and an amazing girls trip to Budapest for my birthday. Then there was city sightseeing in Edinburgh and a little road trip through Scotland with family, Rome with my granny and of course again the summer girls trips :) This year we went to Marbella and Mykonos! Travelling with a group of girls who happen to be some of your closest friends is just always so much fun! I hope I can join these little trips for ever and we still do them when we are old and have grey hair haha

In August part one of the world trip started! Whoosh, those 4 months went by so quickly! We first had a USA road trip and party time in Las Vegas and New York. A beautiful wedding in Cape Code and then 2 weeks road tripping in Canada. These were followed by amazing two weeks in Hawaii, a paradise beach in Cuba, a perfect hippie surfer life with a crazy wedding in Mexico and then a great time in Peru and Bolivia. We have been home now for 3 weeks and I still haven’t managed to go through all the GoPro videos we took.. Good thing, we still have the entire January for that before the part 2 of the nomad life starts and we will head to Vietnam :)

We are now starting with some Champagne and will then head over to our friends’ place to celebrate the New Year!

Hope you all had a great 2015 and are ready to celebrate the arrival of 2016! Wohoo :)

Mykonos Summer trip

Myokons view from apartment

Mykonos harbour

Hawaii Sunset Maui Beach And the Oceam

Mexico - puerto-vallarta



Truck on Roadtrip US


Grand-Canyon-view_thumb.jpg   Mammoth-Lakes-19-Mc-Cloud-Lake_thumb.jpg

Cusco panorama. Peru travel.

Mexican hippie times Sayulita

Mexican Hippie times

Hawaii Maui Volcano Hippie dress  Hawaii Sunset Maui Beach



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