A Reggae Party at London’s Hootananny Brixton

Hootananny Brixton


A Reggae Party at London’s Hootananny Brixton

Last weekend I went to a reggae party in Brixton’s Hootananny club. I joined my friends last minute so I knew zero about the venue or what sorts of bands would perform. Though I actually like reggae music, it has never been something I listened to on a regular basis.

Already at the entrance you are greeted with the smell of Jamaican chicken and burritos. Amazing – I like venues that are not too far away from a food source :) Also I was already quite hungry when I arrived as I only had a really late lunch that Saturday. Anyway, we arrived just in time for the SuperHeroJam band to perform. They were literally just finishing their stage set up and started performing when we entered the door. Mixing a saxophone into their reggae music really gives this band a distinctive style and soon you can’t free your head from this saxophone melody anymore! Have a look at the band’s song ‘Superduper’ and you will know what I mean :)

Below is the video I took in the beginning of the SuperHeroJam’s performance. This was just the warm-up. Once they start the real show, the only thing you want is dance. So I’m afraid none of my shaky videos while dancing made the quality check to be included in the post.



After one hour of dancing and great performance you are in a huge need of fresh air. Good thing the food stalls are outside just in front of the main dance floor. I can really recommend the Jamaican chicken  :)


Hootannny Brixton – The Venue:

Hootananny Brixton is located in 10 min walking distance from Brixton Tube Station. It’s a medium sized music venue that has loads of live-performance acts throughout the week. In front of the entrance to the main venue area there are food stalls which are open till late night – perfect for a late night snack after dancing.

The venue offers free entrance from Sunday to Wednesday. There is a charge of  £3 for Thursday gigs. It’s also free on Fridays and Saturdays before 10pm. Thereafter there is charge of £4 for members and £6 for non-members. The funny thing is that once you have paid your £6 after 11pm at the weekend, you automatically become a club member and are handed your membership card.





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