In Love With Mykonos!

Mykonos – I love you!

Wow – I am totally in love with Mykonos! I mean I expected this island to be super stunning but once you get there, you are still surprised how beautiful Mykonos is in reality. The island distinguishes itself from other Mediterranean islands already by its white buildings which just boost your summer mood immensely :)

Mykonos centre consists of lots of little and romantic alleys with a vast amount of cute clothes and jewellery shops and of course cafes, restaurants and bars. Just strolling through this part of the island is so relaxing and everyone is just incredibly friendly. It’s perfect for long dinners as the weather is still warm late at night at this time of the year. If you feel like dancing or going for a cocktail there are lots of little bars and clubs also in the centre of Mykonos. Of course, you can also join one of the various beach parties that the island has to offer. However, if you are simply after a romantic getaway, Mykonos – although it’s called Greek’s posh party island – let’s you enjoy endless beautiful & quiet spots away from the party crowds.

Can you tell, I really love this island :) :)  Lot’s of more detailed posts to follow about what to do in Mykonos :)




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