Las Vegas, The City of Lights, Gambling and Craziness

On day 9 of the world trip we drove through the Yosemite National Park and then arrived in Vegas around 11pm and were planning to meet our friends in the club at 12am. At least now it paid off that I took way too much luggage with me. I was able to choose from 4 different outfits for going out (even one pair of heels and 2 pairs of wedges!).

A bit after 12pm we arrived at the Ceasars Palace Hotel where the nightclub Omnia is located. The atmosphere and crowd were great. We first were on on the rooftop and later moved down to the main area. The party was totally crazy! Around 6am we arrived back in the hotel room and slept till afternoon the next day.



The Saturday started around 5pm with a Starbucks coffee, followed by a Pho soup (perfect food for hangover as it has lots of water and makes you feel better instantly).

Around 8pm we had Sushi in the Bellagio and then walked a bit around in Las Vegas. Around 12am we met again with the rest of the people – this time in the club XS in the Wynn hotel. Another fun night out! The DJ was Skrillex and the crowd was crazy! Some of the guys even went swimming in the pool still wearing their jeans, good thing it’s still super hot at night in Vegas.


The Sunday was supposed to be kept a bit more quiet as we planned to continue the road trip again on Monday. So Sunday afternoon we went to a shooting farm (yup, that was a different kind of an experience), afterwards had a massage and then went back to the Bellagio to see the “O” Show of Cirque de Soleil.

Las Vegas Hotel Bellagio Cirque de soleil entrance

Las Vegas was really lots of fun. Kind of its own little world in the middle of nowhere. No surprise there is so much going on during the night – during day time it is just way too hot! Hotels are actually relatively cheap. Looks like most of the revenue comes in from the hotels’ casinos and their bonuses similar to a live casino bonus. I imagine they also make a huge amount of money from their drinks in the clubs – USD 800 for a bottle of Vodka. Good thing I can’t drink more than 2 Wodka Cranberry anyway :) I’m not much of a casino person either. I do like the occasional visit with family and friends on a special occasion, but I don’t tend to go by myself. Saying this though, I do prefer to play online games on sites like euro casino, so I don’t feel like I am missing the Vegas experience. Plus, I still have a chance of winning money just like people do at casinos. As much as I enjoy such sites, I don’t have a vast knowledge of all the different online casinos out there. Therefore, I tend to check in with the comparisons and rankings of them over at this site – This is a method that many people use to find their new favorite games to play at home.





Am 9. Tag der Weltreise fuhren wir vom Yosemite National Park nach Las Vegas, wo wir abends um circa 23 Uhr ankamen. Um 24Uhr waren wir schon mit einigen Freunden im Omnia verabredet. Endlich kam mir mein Uebergepeack gelegen – ich hatte mindestens 4 Outfits fuer abends und 3 Paar Schuhe mit Absaetzen Smile

Zuerst waren wir auf der Dachterrasse des Omnia Clubs und danach in einem der grossen Hauptraeume. Die Party war so cool – wir waren erst um 6Uhr morgens wieder auf dem Zimmer.

Am Samstag haben wir tagsueber nicht viel gemacht ausser geschlafen – es ist auch wirklich viel zu heiss, um in Vegas am Tag das Hotel zu verlassen.

Abends waren wir im Bellagio Sushi essen und dann im XS Club, wo Skrillex aufgelegt hatte. Die Menge hat getobt und am Ende waren einige von uns mit Jeans und Shirts im Pool schwimmen Smile

Der Sonntag musste natuerlich viel ruhiger gehalten werden; schliesslich ging unser Road Trip am Montag ja weiter. Am Sonntagabend waren wir wieder im Bellagio und haben uns die Cirque de Soleil Show “O” angesehen – sehr empfehlenswert!

Las Vegas at night

Las Vegas Hotel Cassars Palace

Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel

Las Vegas Bellagio Casino

Las Vegas Hotel Bellagio Casino Hearts


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