Mount Lavinia Hotel – Sri Lanka

Apart from hosting two amazing days of wedding celebrations, the Mount Lavinia Hotel is also quite a catch when you are simply up for a lovely resort hotel on the beach in beautiful Sri Lanka. The hotel’s history dates back to more than 200 years ago which made me choose this historic photo of the Mount Lavinia Hotel rather than a new one. Well and also, I was so busy having a good time at the wedding we attended that my blogging ‘duties’ found themselves rather at the bottom of my priority list :)

Nevertheless, the hotel is really beautiful so I thought I’d have to let you guys know about it in case Sri Lanka is on your travel bucket list. The Mount Lavinia Hotel is one of the best colonial hotels in Sri Lanka, so if you decide to stay a few days in Colombo, you can’t go wrong with this one. They have a beautiful pool area, yummy food and cocktails, great SPA facilities and an amazing view of the ocean at night. Also there is a private beach with lots of waves for extra fun haha. Though if you want to go surfing, you’d rather head to the south of Sri Lanka. You can read more about the hotel here and in case you are interested in reading about our weekend trip to Sri Lanka, click here.


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