New Zealand

New Zealand is probably one of the most epic places on this planet! The nature is picture-perfect. Full stop. No need for photoshop whatsoever. When you are trekking in the beautiful forest parks of New Zealand, you expect to see little fairies flying by at any second. Everything just looks so magical :) Even while just driving from one place to another you will see yourself stopping countless times to soak in the incredible view. If you are a nature lover and only do one long-haul trip, make it New Zealand!

New Zealand Beauty

Outdoors Activities

New Zealand is also the perfect holiday destination for adventure sports addicts! Caving, surfing, canyoning, and mountaineering and rafting are just a few of the adventure activities you can book all over the country. The best town to head to for adrenaline junkies is Queenstown – there is literally nothing you can’t do in this city!

North or South Island?

It honestly doesn’t really matter which island you choose. Both islands have incredibly impressive nature and are home to plenty of amazing activities that you will not be able to fill all in one month (on either island). I did a road trip from Auckland (North Island) down to Milford Sound (South Island) and back up (!) on a different route. In total we took around three weeks for it which was really cutting it short. I could have easily extended that trip to three months!

New Zealand Road Trip

Places to visit and things to do

Just click on the photos below to read more! Have fun planning your New Zealand trip!

 Redwoods in Rotorua New ZealandPohutu Geyser New Zealand Roturua Caving in Waitomo Tararua Forest Park Hiking New Zealand Lake Tekapo New Zealand Poppies Martinborough New Zealand

Rafting New Zealand