One Day in Montreal

On the road trip from Toronto to Quebec we stopped for one night in Montreal which is circa 5 hours away from Toronto. We arrived in Montreal in the evening of Sunday 13th and decided to stay in to watch the new episode of Fear the Walking Dead. While travelling for such loooong while you don’t always have to be out, you can simply stay in the hotel on the bed and chill out Smile

On the next day, we drove a bit around in Montreal and then went to the old town in Montreal.


Auf unserem Roadtrip von Toronto nach Quebec legten wir einen Halt in Montreal ein. Wir kamen erst abends im Hotel an und haben uns erstmal die neue Episode von Fear the Walking Dead angeguckt. Danach wollten wir nicht mehr wirklich raus gehen – auf einer monatelangen Reise darf man ja auch mal im Hotel bleiben Smile

Am naechsten Tag sind wir ein bisschen durch Montreal gefahren und haben dann in der Altstadt von Monreal geparkt. Die Altstadt ist total niedlich mit ganz vielen schoenen Gebaeuden.

1 Montreal Sightseeing Traffic Light

2 Montreal Sightseeing High Rises

5 Montreal Sightseeing Streets


We parked the car near the Notre Dame Basilica and sat down in a cute cafe, La Concession, to get a snack.

They had a really yummy salmon sandwich and a huge selection of desserts and tartes. While writing this post I feel like eating another of their desserts!


6 Montreal Sightseeing Old Town Cafe

8 Montreal Sightseeing Cafe Cakes

9 Montreal Sightseeing Cafe


Afterwards we started our little walk through Old Montreal.

6 Montreal Sightseeing Montreal Old Town


The Notre Dame in Montreal looks like a mini version of the Notre Dame in Paris – probably my favourite cathedral of all Smile

12 Montreal Sightseeing - Notre Dame Basilica

15 Notre Dame Montreal Fountain

19 Montreal Notre Dame Signtseeing

20 Montreal Sightseeing Old Town Montreal Notre Dame

20 Montreal Sightseeing Old Town


Aren’t those birds just so cute?

22 Montreal Sightseeing Birds


22 Montreal Sightseeing Water Boats

24 Montreal Sightseeing Random Photos

25 Montreal Sightseeing


The weather wasn’t that great when we went to Montreal as you can see in the photos. I love the dramatic sky in the two photos below though – quite a contrast to the white church.

26 Montreal Sightseeing White Church

29 Montreal Sightseeing Small Yachts

30 Montreal Sightseeing Market

31 Montreal Sightseeing Old Town House

31 Montreal Sightseeing Old Town Vieux Ville

33 Montreal Old Building

35 Montreal Sightseeing Cafe Outside

37 Montreal Sightseeing Historic Buildings Old Town

Ireally like the old towns of most of the cities. The buildings are always so beautiful with lots of details.

In the photo below, modern art mixes with historic styleSmile

38 Montreal Sightseeing Street Art Paintings Old Town Montreal

After 3-4 hours of walking around in Vieux Montreal, we drove over to Quebec where we arrived again in the evening. Read more about Quebec in the next post Smile


Nach 3-4 Stunden Herumlaufen ging es dann weiter nach Quebec Smile


  1. November 21, 2016 / 12:19 am

    Your photos are unbelievably gorgeous and out of this world! I could peruse your blog for hours of enjoyment! I am a home body and don’t like to travel much, but would love to see what you have seen! Fabulous!

    • Karateandcaviar
      November 21, 2016 / 12:33 am

      Thanks so much, Beth. I’m happy you liked them :)

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