One Day in San Francisco

Day 7 – Stop No 4 of the Around the World Trip: San Francisco

We arrived in San Francisco late at night on the 6th day, having spent the afternoon relaxing on Newport Beach.  Day 7 of the world trip started with a breakfast at Caffe Trieste. Ok, the breakfast wasn’t the healthiest one but really yummy and we shared the Tiramisu, so only half as bad. Yes, I couldn’t wait with the food before the picture was taken Smile


The Godfather Cafe Writer

The Godfather Cafe


From Caffe Trieste we walked down through China Town to the Union Square. China Town in San Francisco looks quite cute with interesting street art on some of China Town’s walls.

China Town San Francisco

China Town San Francisco-2

China Town Street View San Francisco

San Francisco China Town Street Art

China Town San Francisco -3


Continuing our way down we came across our first cable car. Initially we planned to take the cable car for a few stops but there was such a long queue that we decided not to and walk instead.

Cable car san francisco


The Union Square looks very clean and modern with lots of cafes. The square is right next to Macy’s and other other centres, so the perfect spot to have a break and enjoy the good weather.

San Francisco Main Square

San Francisco Shopping


In general San Francisco looks very clean and pretty with lots of modern buildings and beautiful architecture. After a stop in the shopping centres, we continued strolling around through the streets of San Francisco before we had to hurry up as our parking meter time was almost up. The streets of San Francisco are really steep, so walking them up as quickly as we did almost felt like a workout!

San Francisco Street Views High Rise

San Francisco Cable Car

San Francisco Old buildings

San francisco street sign

San Francisco Streets

San Francisco Train


San Francisco Architecture

San Francisco Old buildings

San Francisco Buildings

San Francisco Cable Car


For late lunch we drove to Scoma’s to get some nice sea food. The restaurant is located at the west end of Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco and has really good sea food :)

San Francisco Bay fisher boat

Scomas Restaurant San Francisco

Scomas San Francisco Seafood



The next stop on the San Francisco sightseeing list was the Golden Gate bridge.

San Francisco Bay

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

Driving over Golden Gate Bridge - close up

Golden Gate Bridge Close Up


What is more impressive than the bridge the itself is the view. Overseeing San Francisco from the other side of the bridge looks just beautiful. You can see lots of high rises and the contrast between the blue water and the light colour of the buildings looks stunning.

San Francisco

San Francisco Sea

Rock in front of Golden Gate Bridge


Back on the main side of San Francisco, we drove through some residential areas with incredibly beautiful architecture. Due to the steepness of the streets you have a great view!

Houses san francisco

Pretty houses san francisco

San Francisco Streets buildings

San Francisco Summer time


San Francisco is really a beautiful city and I guess living here must be great with a good living quality. Too bad we only had one day here. Could have totally stayed for a long time!


Den 7. Tag der Weltreise verbrachten wir in San Francisco. Im Stadtzentrum gibt es sehr viele moderne Buerogebaeude und Hochhaeuser, die der Stadt einen sauberen und vor allem  stylischen Touch geben. In den Wohngegenden sieht man auch sehr viele Haeuser im aelteren Stil, die einen besonderen Charme verleihen.

Unser Tag in San Franscisco began mit einem spaeten Fruehstueck im Caffe Trieste. Danach ging es weiter durch China Town, zum Union Square sowie durch einige Shopping Centres. Bevor wir zur Golden Gate Bridge gefahren sind, waren wir zum spaeten Mittagessen in einem Fischrestaurant am westlichen Ende der Fisherman’s Wharf.

Aufgrund ihrer Groesse sieht die Golden Gate Bridge sehr beeindruckend aus. Noch besser fand ich allerdings die Aussicht von der anderen Seite der Bruecke. Hier hatte man eine perfekte Sicht auf San Francisco und auf die Architektur der Stadt.

Wir hatten leider nur einen Tag in San Francisco und abends ging es schon weiter nach Mammoth Lakes. Mehr dazu im naechsten Post Smile


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