Valle De La Luna La Paz

Valle de la Luna La Paz Boliva

Ever wanted to fly to the moon? Nah, totally overrated, just fly to La Paz in Bolivia and head to their Moon Valley. The Valle de la Luna, or Moon Valley, has gotten its name because of the rocks’ distinctive formations that look similar to the moon’s surface. It doesn’t entirely make you feel like you are on the moon but it looks very cool and is a must-see if you are in La Paz. The Moon Valley is located at the outskirts of the city of La Paz and can be reached easily via taxi or as part of an organised sightseeing tour.

The distinctive shape of the area is due to erosion that has worn away the majority of a mountain leaving tall and odd spikes and formations. If you manage to visit the Valle de la Luna without lots of other tourists present the area feels quite mystical. But once you start hearing tourist groups, this feeling is gone immediately haha. There are several walks to explore the Moon Valley that take around 20 – 60 mins. The rocks are perfect for pictures, so make sure you take your camera with you. And don’t slip or let anything fall down because it will be gone forever. It’s fairly safe to walk around though as the way is fenced.

Valle de la Luna In 7 Pictures

Valle de la Luna La Paz BolivaValle de la Luna La Paz Boliva Valle de la Luna La Paz BolivaValle de la Luna La Paz BolivaValle de la Luna La Paz BolivaValle de la Luna La Paz BolivaValle de la Luna La Paz BolivaValle de la Luna La Paz Boliva

Just a heads up: The Lonely Planet travel guide says that the Moon Valley is slightly overrated. This is true if you expect a life-changing experience.. But I would definitely recommend visiting the Moon Valley while in La Paz. It is not a huge effort to get to and it does look stunning.

If you are not visiting as part of an organised sightseeing tour, plan around 3h for your Valle de la Luna trip. This gives you enough time to explore the sight and you still have lots of time for other activities on that day. Ideally come in the morning as a number of tourist groups that go to the mountains in the morning visit Valle de la Luna on their way back. So mornings should be a bit more quiet. Click here to read more about things to do in Bolivia & La Paz.

Borough Market Wine Bar

London’s Borough has lots of little hidden gems in terms of restaurants and I don’t mean the actual stalls of Borough Market (though they have amazing food too). I am referring to the bars and restaurants in and around the area of Borough Market. If you are up for a cosy wine bar and happen to be near London Bridge, head to Bedales of Borough. This is such a lovely wine bar with a great rustic interior design and a good selection of wines. They also have yummy cappuccino. I went for cappuccino this time as I had too much mulled wine the day before during a Christmas party :) .The Bedales wine bar is also great in summer. You could just head to Borough Market on a Saturday for a late lunch, then try out one of the yummy pastry stalls for dessert and then make your way to the wine bar. They also serve nibbles :)

Borough Market Wine Bar

This is the address:

5 Bedale Street

And you can also book online here: Bedales of Borough

Bedaes Wine Bar Borough

Christmas by The River

London is super beautiful during Xmas. Just walk along Oxford Street or Covent Garden and you will see the most beautiful Christmas decorations. If you feel like having an even larger dose of Xmas, head over to one of London’s Christmas markets. Just between Tower Bridge and London Bridge there is a lovely little Xmas market with lots of food, mulled wine and crafts – all set in 64 German style wooden cabins. The Christmas Market starts at the City Hall and then continues past HMS Belfast to Hays Gallery which is also beautifully decorated.  The Xmas market is open everyday until 7 pm. Visiting this Xmss market not only gives you a jolly Christmas feeling but also ticks off two of the must-see sights in London :)  Once you have walked along the Xmas stalls from Tower Bridge to London Bridge you could either have a cocktail in one of the bars up The Shard with a beautiful view of London or continue walking along the river and head to the Southbank Centre Christmas market.

Christmas Market By The River




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The amazing view from the Xmas market




Tower Bridge Xmas Market