Chacaltaya Bolivia

If you are blessed with thick and wavy hair, then you can stop reading this post. This is not for you, your hair is already amazing! This post is for the ladies with rather thin and straight hair who want to add at least a little bit of volume to their hair. Above is a photo of my hair so you know what type of hair I am talking about :) The, probably only, positive thing about thin hair is that it dries super quickly. So you can just jump under the shower, wash your hair, add some Chanel Hair Mists and leave the house in 30 mins without even touching the blow dryer. BUT if you’d like to have some volume in your hair, then that’s where you have to add time for your hair beauty routine and incorporate some professional hair products. Below are some hair beauty hacks that I usually use to get more volume. I have listed the products I use below. Just click on the ad photos to see the product on Amazon.

10 Ways to Get More Voluminous Hair

(1) Blow dry your hair upside down

By blow drying your hair upside down and focusing on blow-drying your roots you can add extra volume easily. You don’t have to spend 10 minutes with your hair upside down but do it until your roots are dry.

(2) Use rollers on the top of your head

After the blow dry use self grip velcro rollers on the top of your head for extra volume at the roots. Blow dry the rollers with a lower intensity level for a few minutes and then leave them in until the hair is cooled down. I like the roller set from Tresemme but you can use any velcro rollers really. Just make sure your velcro roller set has different sizes of the rollers so you can try out which combination works best for you.

(3) Tease your hair at the roots

For an extra uplift after the blow dry, tease your hair at the roots. Make sure you use hair spray to fix the hair once you have teased it. Then smooth the hair afterwards so it looks natural.

(4) Use dry hair shampoo at the roots for more texture

Teasing is not the nicest treatment for your hair, so I generally only do occasionally. I prefer dry hair shampoo which adds lots of texture and volume to the roots. It’s also perfect for helping the hair to stay pretty between the hair washes. There are lots of different dry hair shampoos at any price range. My favourite one is the Batiste dry hair shampoo from Boots. They are not expensive, just under £10, and work super well. The Batiste dry hair shampoo series has lots of different dry hair shampoos from volume boosting (yeeey!), shampoos for different hair colours, to cherry and tropical shampoos. So take your pick :) The good thing is also that they have mini versions of the shampoos which are perfect for taking with you in your handbag while travelling.

(5) Stick a little clip below your ponytail

If I don’t have time to go through the whole blow drying process or have not washed my hair just before, I generally just use some dry hair shampoo for extra texture and then put my hair up in a ponytail. To get a more voluminous ponytail, just stick a few clips back below your ponytail to lift it up a bit. And instead of a neat pony tail, go for a less tidy version by pulling in different layers of hair separately. This also adds more volume.

(6) Curl Your Hair

If you have lots of time you could go through the blow drying steps, the velcro rollers for volume on the roots and then use a curler for a wavy look. I use the curler from BaByliss for this. And if you don’t have time, just put your hair up in a bun. After some time your hair should also look a bit more wavy (at least for some time). Once the waves are out, put the hair back up in a bun :)

(7) Switch your part

Switching your part may also add some extra volume to your hair. And rather than going for a neat part, rather opt for not having a ‘real’ part and vary your part throughout the day a bit.

(8) Change your shampoo & conditioner

Chances are you are using a shampoo with lots of chemicals that stay in your hair afterwards and way it down. Also don’t overdo such conditioners on your roots as this will most certainly way your hair down. Ideally your shampoo should be hair growth shampoo, organic, sulfate free, and hair strengthening. I use the Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner from Art Naturals. Since I have switched to their shampoo and conditioner I can go longer between the washes also :)

(9) Don’t brush your hair when wet

Never brush your hair when it is wet. Especially for thin hair it is so damaging. Wait until you have blow dried it a bit before brushing. And ideally use a Tangle Teezer brush as they are super gentle to your hair and really work well for getting out these little annoying and unwanted ‘wannabe dreadlocks’.

(10) It may be time for a cut

Cut your hair regularly, at least every 6 to 8 weeks, to keep strong and healthy hair.

I hope a few of those tips will help you to add some more volume in your hair. And never forget that some girls would LOVE to have our hair as it does not necessarily require lots of maintenance. And imagine this, some girls actually straighten their hair.. we’d never have to do that! The grass is not always greener on the other side ;)

10 Ways to Get More Volume If You Have Thin Hair

Mirador Killi Killi La Paz Bolivia

Have you been to Bolivia? I travelled from Cusco to La Paz and spent a few days there before heading back to Peru via the Titi Caca Lake. I spent half a year in Lima quite some years back and my expectation of La Paz was that it would be similar to the Lima back then when I lived there. But wow, was I wrong. La Paz is not even close to the level of development of Lima 10 years ago. During a city sightseeing tour I spoke with a Peruvian gentlemen in his 60s or so. When I asked him about his impression of La Paz vs Lima, he said that La Paz is similar to a Lima 20 to 25 years ago. After having visited more of La Paz I entirely understood why.

Mirador Killi Killi La Paz Bolivia

There are not many modern restaurants and bars, shops and the overall population seems poorer than in a lot of other Latin American countries that I have been to. Also the general infrastructure and buildings are a lot less developed. I knew La Paz wouldn’t necessarily be a ‘pretty’ experience with a cosmopolitan lifestyle, I expected it to offer a bit more. I usually wouldn’t care as I love developing countries full of culture and life. But we visited Bolivia at the end of our Americas trip after having already travelled through North, Central and South America for 4 months and all I wanted was a pretty hotel with a SPA, nice bars and good restaurants. Obviously I didn’t find plenty of that in La Paz and I accepted that I had to wait until we were back in Lima for that. It didn’t take me long to get back in my ‘I love South America’ mood and I did enjoy our days in La Paz. They were not really that relaxing and rather a bit rough but very interesting and I am happy we added a few days in La Paz rather than going straight from Cusco to Arequipa (both Peru).

Mirador Killi Killi La Paz Bolivia

During our La Paz stay we explored different places of the city, to the Moon Valley and went up to the Chicaltaya Mountain which is almost 5,400m (!) high, already for that it was worth coming here :) I will write about that experience in a separate post. One day we drove up to the Mirador Killi Killi from where you have a beautiful panorama view of La Paz. You can go their own your own, e.g. by taxi or you just join the city bus tour that brings you there, too. Below some impressions of La Paz’s scenic views, so you know what to expect when visiting :)



Mirador Killi Killi La Paz Bolivia
Mirador Killi Killi La Paz Bolivia

Mirador Killi Killi La Paz Bolivia

PANORAMIC VIEW OF LA PAZMirador Killi Killi La Paz Bolivia Mirador Killi Killi La Paz Bolivia

Mirador Killi Killi La Paz Bolivia Mirador Killi Killi La Paz Bolivia Mirador Killi Killi La Paz Bolivia Mirador Killi Killi La Paz Bolivia

And this one is my favourite photo of La Paz’s panorama view. I love it how you can see the bad weather developing up on the mountain. Reminds me on our trip up to the Chacaltaya Mountain… more about this in the next post :)

La Paz Bolivia Panoramic View of Mountain

Best View Of La Paz Bolivia


Can’t believe it has been already half a year since I spent two months in Vietnam. I totally miss the warm weather, the beaches, the chaotic lifestyle and of course the food! So this post is about Vietnamese food and shows a restaurant that is typical in so many ways. I bet that you will come across a very similar one when you travel through the country. I don’t know the name of this particular restaurant and I guess I have never known it. And if I did know the name, by now I would have forgotten how to pronounce it haha. So below are five characteristics of a lot (if not the majority) of restaurants that you will see when visiting Vietnam.

5 Characteristics of The Typical Vietnamese Restaurant in Vietnam


First of all there is the plastic chair culture and to be fair this is a good womb chair replica but you can’t beat a comfy seat. You can choose from tiny blue and red plastic chairs. They are for kids you might think. But no, they are not. They are for everyone. Sometimes, when you are lucky, you find a restaurant with larger chairs, like this one. I personally don’t mind the little chairs but I have seen lots of guys (especially the taller or bigger ones) sitting on these chairs and they didn’t look so comfy.


The tables have the same great quality as the plastic chairs. Ok, maybe a bit better than the plastic chairs. But they are just never stable. So try to not bump into the table after you have had some beers. This nicely leads to point number 3…



The glasses can also be filled with coca cola if you don’t like beer :). But mostly you will see a warm Saigon beer poured over a bunch of ice cubes that the waiter has taken from a big bucket with which he walks around regularly to supply everyone with ice cubes. I actually prefer the beer like that. I am not a big beer fan except for the German Weizen beer which I would definitely not like with ice cubes. But the Saigon beer diluted with a bit of water is actually quite refreshing to drink.


Well, this wet wipe is your actual napkin. It is not thought to be just for wiping your hands before you eat. It serves as your napkin throughout the entire meal. And don’t necessarily expect to find toilet paper or tissues in the bathroom. It is always a good idea to bring a few tissues yourself. Don’t forget the hand sanitizer either as there might not be soap either in the bathroom :)



My favourite part! I love Vietnamese food. It is my second favourite cuisine after Japanese food.

Don’t be put off by what the restaurant looks like. The previous four characteristics are absolutely fine and totally normal. In fact if you come across such a place and then also see a lot of local people sitting in there, the odds are great that the food is amazing. My experience was that if you want the same quality and freshness of the food in a fancier interior, you actually have to move up a few levels and go to a very fancy restaurant with prices like 10-15x as much as you’d pay in the normal Vietnamese restaurant. If you just go to a prettier place that caters more to the Western ‘needs’, chances are high that the food is just not as yummy and you still pay at least 5x the ‘normal’ price. So try it out and do as the locals do. Be a traveler, not a tourist :)

vietnamese-restaurant-saigon-authentic-vietnamese-food-4 vietnamese-restaurant-saigon-authentic-vietnamese-food-5


If you are in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, try out this amazing snail restaurant, called Oc Dao. It’s a lot bigger than the one shown here but of course with the similar characteristics of an ‘authentic’ Vietnamese restaurant and AMAZING food. Below a photo of the restaurant: oc-dao-snail-restaurant-in-hcmc