So, I have been with a cold for a week… I might have gotten it from someone in the tube due to rush-hour hugging activities or maybe from one of my colleagues… seems that currently everyone in London is sick with at least some level of a cheeky cold.. When I have got a cold, I tend to eat lots of comfort food. The body needs lots of energy to be able to heal properly. Hence, this is the only time where I eat and eat and eat without feeling guilty. I am actually feeling quite ok despite eating so much chocolate. Of course you should continue to get your vitamins, drinks lots of tea, get a huge amount of rest – you can’t survive on comfort food only of course…

Below are my 5 favourites! I don’t even want to know how many more calories I have added during the last week. Good thing that I can go back to sports once this nasty cold has gone!


1. Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream – my winner :)





2. Laduree Macarons




3. Lola’s Cupcakes






4. Krispy Kreme’s Strawberries and Kreme Donut




5. Paul’s Pastry Selection – pretty much any pastry from Paul works great for comfort food :)

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A couple of weeks ago, I was in Dusseldorf for the German Carnival. Have you ever thought that German people are strict, way too serious and boring? Think again! Everyone in the street is dressed up in fancy dresses! Not only the kids! Everyone! You will see all sorts of costumes from witches, vampires, and monsters as well known from Halloween to clowns, ladybugs, pirates and animals. Once you have passed these rather “usual” costumes, don’t miss out on the Tetris figures, shower curtains (!!), and guys in mermaid costumes or pink fairies.. (my personal favourites of course!).

Below are my three favourite shots of the 2015 Dusseldorf carnival and the Rosenmontag street parade.

Dusseldorf Carnival Street Parade near Hotel Breidenbacher Hof

Caricature during Street Parade

Dusseldorf Old Town


Hampstead is certainly not one of the most typical destinations for bugers in London, But be surprised, just on the other side of the tube Station, there is Spielburger – a trendy place that offers quite a number of tasty burgers! Well and the give you wine in a special glass…

Looks, like Cara likes them too :)


IMAG3459 IMAG3461 IMAG3455