Visiting Dusseldorf? Have brunch or coffee & cake at Dusseldorf’s Rheinturm and enjoy an amazing view of the city. The Rhine Tower is  240 m high and can be visited just for the view or for going to one of the bars or restaurants that are located on the top of the Rhine Tower.

Dusseldorf TV Tower German Travel

Dusseldorf TV Tower View over Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf TV Tower View over Dusseldorf

One of my favourite places for brunch in London is the restaurant Fera at Claridge’s Hotel. It’s just perfect for a long Friday brunch that perfectly gets you into the weekend mode :)

Below the food photos of the set menu. The dessert was especially prepared for us so you won’t find it on the menu. Just ask for a fruity dessert and I’m sure they will prepare something equally nice!


Fera Claridge's





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