Pagosa Springs: 3 Nights To Relax After Road-Tripping

Pagosa Springs US Roadtrip 2

Finally we had decided upfront to staying 3 nights in one spot – so pre-booking and no hotel change necessary – how relaxing Smile

We rented a half a little house in the Wyndham Pagosa. I totally loved it! We had a fireplace, a little garden with a terrace and a nicely sized bath tub with bubbles. Also the surrounding area looked just so cute, everything was so idyllic! The living room could have been a bit more modern for my taste but giving everything had such a rustic feel in this town, it somehow made it look more authentic.

Fireplace Wyndham Hotel Pagosa Springs

Bathroom Wyndham Hotel Pagosa Springs

Wyndham Hotel Pagosa Springs 3

Wyndham Hotel Pagosa Springs

Wyndham Hotel Pagosa Springs 2

Living Room Wyndham Hotel Pagosa Springs

Wyndham Hotel Pagosa Springs Kitchen


We actually relaxed most of the time and did not do too much. Cooking ‘at home’ and watching TV at night was such a nice chance to constantly being on the road, doing things, visiting sights or being overwhelmed by incredible nature Smile

On Saturday we had early dinner and Margaritas at Kips Grill. Really liked that place. Super easy going crowd and really yummy food! Also the Margaritas were quite good!

Kips Grill Pagosa

Kips Grill Pagosa 2



We waren 3 Naechte in Pagosa Springs. Dieses Mal hatten wir vorher 3 Naechte auf einmal gebucht, so konnten wir also in einem Hotel bleiben ohne zu wechseln! Wir hatten eine kleine Ferienhaushaelfte im Wyndham Pagosa gebucht. Alles war total niedlich. Wir hatten auch eine kleine Terrasse mit Garden – so idyllisch Smile

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