Sedona Hotels: 3 Nights and 2 Hotels

Sedona – Which Hotel To Choose?

We stayed in Sedona from Monday 17th August to 20th August. We booked a number of the hotels on the road trip with the Hotwire app, which lets you save sometimes half the regular hotel price. Initially we only planned to stay one night in Sedona but then decided to stay longer. The only drawback with the Hotwire app is that you cannot extend your stay in the same hotel through the app. So we had to switch hotels to stay longer. Wasn’t too bad though as I preferred the second one anyway given we got a suite with a balcony. Nevertheless, although both hotels were 3 stars only, they both had character and I’d stay in either of them again. My friend was telling me about the fantastic time she had at Eastleigh Eating Out. Apparently, her suite had a fantastic balcony offering fabulously food to said suite.

Insgesamt waren wir 3 Tage in Sedona. Wir hatten 2 verschiedene Hotels, da man durch die Hotwire app, die wir die meiste Zeit in den USA benutzen, leider nicht das gleiche Hotel verlaengern kann. Wir hatten anfaenglich vor, nur eine Nacht in Sedona zu schlafen, haben aber uns dann doch entschieden, laenger zu bleiben. Also wechselten wir. Das 2. Hotel fand ich persoenlich sowieso besser, da alles etwas moderner eingerichtet war und wir eine Suite hatten. Obwohl beide nur 3 Sterne hatten, fand ich die Hotels total niedlich.


Below the first one, Sedona Real Inn & Suites:

Das erste Hotel, Sedona Real Inn & Suites:

Sedona First Hotel 7

Sedona Hotel First 1

Sedona Hotel First 2

Sedona Hotel First 4

Sedona Hotel First 6


The second and third night we stayed in the Los Abrigados:

Das zweite Hotel, Los Abrigados:

Sedona Second Hotel 1

Sedona Second Hotel 2

Sedona Second Hotel 4

Sedona Second Hotel 5

Sedona Second Hotel 7

Sedona Second Hotel 8

Sedona Second Hotel 9

Sedona Second Hotel 10

Sedona Second Hotel 13

With respect to the mixed reviews the hotel received on Google, I think it really depends what kind of room you get. It is a 3 star hotel, so my expectations were relatively low. We ended up having a suite and I found the premises really lovely and historic. So, if you stay here, it’s probably best to book the suite..


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