Sedona: Vortex Energy & Hiking The Airport Loop Trail

In the evening of day 12, after having visited the Grand Canyon and seen an amazing night sky, we arrived in Sedona.

Sedona was considered a sacred land by the Native Americans and still continues to attract people looking for healing and spiritual renewal.  The area is also said to be one of the most beautiful places in the US.  The city is surrounded by national forest land, lots of red mountains and stone creations and the scenic setting changes hourly with the light.

The mountains surrounding Sedona are said to ease meditation and healing due to their spiritual Vortexes. These Vortex sites are believed to be areas that have an energy flow that exists on multiple dimensions and interacts with the person’s self.

Sedona Vortex Energy 1


After finally having had a full night of sleep, on the next day we hired a “spiritual” guide for the Sedona Vortex tour. He brought us to a lovely area where the energy levels are supposed to be significantly higher than in most of the other parts. There we sat for a while until sunset while he introduced us to the characteristics attributed to the Vortex energy and old Shamanistic traditions. For a while we sat down to meditate and everything was quiet except the wind and animals. The animal noises became more more apparent and diverse while the sun set down. A really peaceful little spot he chose for us Smile On the way back to the car I saw a Tarantula – my first one outside of a zoo!




Sedona Vortex Energy 2


On the next day we decided to do some hiking and drove up one of the mountains to hike the Airport Loop trail.

The Airport Loop trail takes around 3 hours and provides great views of the Cathedral Rock. We had a few breaks on the way to enjoy the amazing scenery. Also we saw 3 other hikers only, so it was not a crowded place at all. It was so epic to just sit somewhere on the rocks and look over the valley and landscape of Sedona.

Good thing we had just enough water with us to make our way back to the car before becoming grumpy animals hunting for a water source. Just during the last 500m we took the wrong turn and had to walk back for a while.. well, we did make it in the end!

Sedona Vortex Energy 3

Sedona Vortex Energy 5Sedona Vortex Energy 6

Sedona Vortex Energy 7

Sedona Vortex Energy 9

Sedona Vortex Energy 9 yoga

Sedona Vortex Energy 10

This was the magic view we had while we sat down for a while. The view looked so amazing and I took so many photos and videos to be able to grasp the moment – just picture this even more epic than it appears when looking at the photos Smile


Sedona Vortex Energy 11 scenic view


Sedona Vortex Energy 12

Sedona Vortex Energy 13

Sedona Vortex Energy 16

Sedona Vortex Energy 14


Sedona ist eine kleine Stadt inmitten einer wunderschoenen Landschaft aus roten Felsen und Wald. Die Gegend um Sedona soll Teil der schoensten Reiseziele in den USA sein – ja, es ist wirklich total huebsch hier!

Frueher wurde Sedona von Indianern besiedelt. Heute ist Sedona ein Zentrum von New Age-Interessierten, da die roten Berge in der Umgebung spirituelle Kraft, Vortex Energie, besitzen sollen.

Das wollten wir natuerlich herausfinden und trafen uns am ersten Tag mit einem Guide, der uns ueber die Vortex Energie in Sedona erzaehlte. Er fuehrte uns zu einem Platz an den Bergen, wo wir fuer eine gewisse Zeit sassen. Ausser dem Wind und Tiergeraeuschen konnte man nichts hoeren und es hatte schon etwas Magisches. Kein Wunder also, dass viele Leute hier besser meditieren koennen und der Gegend gewisse spirituelle Kraefte nachsagen.

Am zweiten Tag wanderten wir die Airport Loop Route. Hier hatte man einen superschoenen Blick ueber die Landschaft und Sedona. Insgesamt dauert die Route circa 3 Stunden, aber wir machten einige Pausen, um die Aussicht besser zu geniessen. Falls ihr diese Route machen wollt, nehmt euch genug Wasser it! Mindestens 1.5l pro Person, am besten 2l. Vor allem am fruehen Nachmittag ist es sehr heiss und man laeuft fuer lange Zeit in der Sonne.


Sedona Vortex Energy 15 Tree

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