The First Month Of The World Trip

Can’t believe it has already been one month that we left to go on the world trip! On one hand it seems that we have been travelling for a very loooooong time already whilst on the other hand it feels like we left only yesterday!

The first month of the trip looks like this:

Los Angeles – San Francisco – Mammoth Lakes – Yosemite Park – Las Vegas – Grand Canyon – Sedona – Pagosa Springs – Albuquerque – Austin – New Orleans – New York – Cape Cod

The highlights so far:

LA’s vibe
Though I’m not the biggest fan of LA (didn’t find it that pretty) I loved the city’s vibe

Disneyland in LA
I just love the Disney Princess family and the firework at night was amazing

Night sky and drive to Mammoth Lakes
We left San Francisco in the early evening to drive to Mammoth Lakes where we arrived at circa 3 am. From 12 am to 2 am we were still driving through the woods in the mountains 9000 feet high and away from civilisation – loved it :)

Yosemite National Park
Simply stunning and amazing!

Clubs in Vegas
Both nights were totally crazy!

Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is seriously impressive and looks super beautiful. What I found even more impressive though was watching the sunset being on the Grand Canyon and looking at the Milky Way and a sky full of stars.

Hiking in Sedona
We went for a little hike in Sedona which was super pretty. The Airport Loop trail takes between 3 and 5 hours and is easy to hike with a great view.

Seeing swarms of bats during the sunset in Austin
Around 8pm you can see thousands of bats coming out of their ‘homes’ to look for food

French Quarter in New Orleans
Though the French Quarter is not entirely as shown in the TV series ‘The Originals’, it is super pretty with lots of history and many historic bars

New York nightlife
We stayed in New York from Saturday Till Thursday and went out most nights. There are lots of clubs, rooftop bars and hidden cocktail places :)

Super beautiful wedding in Cape Cod
Stayed in Chatham from Thursday to Sunday. The wedding ceremony was held with a beautiful view on the beach with lots of fishing  boats in the background – great scenery. The bride was so pretty and the party soooo much fun :)








We are now in Boston and will fly to Toronto later today.

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