There Is More To Life Than Shoes – A Book Review


Is there more to life than shoes? Is being miserable in your job just the way it is? Is dreaming for kids?

‘More to Life Than Shoes’ is an inspirational book about women that have followed their dreams. The book contains a collection of short stories about women that were not happy in their current jobs and realised that something was missing in their life. Instead of just accepting that this is what a grown-up life looks like, they decided to take action and change their lives. These stories range from the housewife who set up a charity to the accountant turned wing-walker. What all stories have in common is that they inspire you. They give you energy to change your life to the way you want to live it. And if you are already fulfilling your dreams, they just encourage you to continue and never give up.

Some might say that people who give up the security of their day-time job to follow their passion takes lots of courage. Others say that although this looks risky you don’t have a choice. If this is where your passion is leading you, you have to follow it. Else you will just end up miserable – and isn’t living an unhappy life risky too? Just think about the effect this will have on your health.

So if you feel there is something missing in your life, do something about it. Stop inventing excuses. Stop postponing. You have wanted to travel since you were a kid but never really got around to it? Well now is the time. There is only ‘now’. Thinking you will finally travel or pick up that hobby you have been dreaming of once your kids are out of the house. Think twice. While we all have a high live expectancy, life is fragile. Maybe you never get to live until this moment. Or you will be sick. Or just live comes in between again. Stop. Act now. You don’t have to give up your current life, just do little things into the right direction. It’s your life. You are the director of your life. Make your dreams happen.


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