Tranquil Café in Hanoi, Old Quarter

I really like Hanoi, though it is quite chilly, 15C – 20C degrees, and I have to wear a jumper after 5 weeks of bikinis, dresses and flip flops. The day I went to Tranquil Café it was actually raining non-stop. But then, sitting in a café with a yummy cappuccino and your Kindle is even more fun if the weather is cold and wet.

Tranquil Café is hidden in a little corner of a relatively busy street in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. The minute you arrive at the entrance you feel super relaxed as suddenly all the previous traffic noise around you has disappeared. The cafe is not that big; there is a little outside area in the backyard of the place and a small two-floor inside area. Overall the cafe probably has the same size as an average Starbucks cafe. But it is of course way more cosy than a Starbucks :) When I was there they played piano music which is just perfect for getting comfy on one of their couches and reading a good book.

Hanoi Tranquil Cafe - Cosy Coffee Places in Hanoi

The staff is super friendly and the prices are fine for a place like this (c. 50,000 VND or 2 USD for a cappucchino).

So if you are in the Old Quarter of Hanoi and are searching for a coffee place that serves well made cappucchino and has fast wifi – this is your place :)

Hanoi Tranquil Cafe - Coffee Places in Hanoi

Hanoi Tranquil Cafe - Cafes in Hanoi

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