Hong Kong

Hong Kong is such a fun city with lots of shopping, great food, massages and nightlife.

We spent almost a week in Hong Kong of which we stayed a few nights in a hotel on Hong Kong Island and the other nights at my friend’s place on Lantau island.

Asian London..

It doesn’t take long to notice the similarities between London and Hong Kong. That doesn’t come as a surprise given Hong Kongs long history as a British colony. I’m quite sure that the subway stairways in Hong Kong are the same as the ones in the tube in London. After I had been travelling for around 10 months before we reached Hong Kong, the subway almost made me feel like home in London..

But of course, the climate, food and culture all are much different :)

A city of different islands

Hong Kong is home to a number of different neighbourhoods, literally different islands, with the biggest ones being Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula (across Victoria Harbour from Hong Kong Island).

Hong Kong Photos

The longest escalator ever!

Did you know you can take an escalator all the way up from sea level to mid level? Hong Kong’s Central–Mid-Levels escalator and walkway system is the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world. The entire system covers over 800 metres in distance and brings you up 135 metres from bottom to top.


Hong Kong is also perfect for both architecture and people photography. The city is so vibrant and densely populated that you could constantly take photos of the same corner and each photo would tell a bit of a different story.
People in Hong Kong

I am still writing up all different posts on Hong Kong, so come back soon and click on the posts you’d like to read below :)

Hong Kong Financial District Photos