Tokyo is such an amazing city I don’t even know where to start! The city pretty much has it all: absolutely amazing food (I LOVE sushi), excellent shopping, fun nightlife, so so so much culture, diverse districts and, as I was told by a friend recently, great access to weekend surfing trips! Seriously, what more could you want?!

Getting lost in Tokyo..

Ok, you often end up in a restaurant much different from the one carefully picked online (thanks to Japanese Street signs) and have to order from the Japanese menu whatever looks like a cool word.. BUT: isn’t it all about ‘life starts outside of your comfort zone’ or whatever that quote is exactly..?

I had so many amazing experiences because I got lost and discovered new restaurants and cafes. Also walking around in Tokyo without any particular destination is really worth it. So many picturesque spots everywhere. Tokyo is also perfect for people photography as it is just always super crowded in so many of Tokyo’s districts.

Tokyo Busy Street

Lot’s of villages in one city

That leads me to another region why I like Tokyo so much. The city has lots of different neighbourhoods, each super distinctive and different from the other. Dress up for coffee in Ginza, relax on a lazy afternoon in Yanaka and discover your craziness in Tokyo’s manga paradise :)

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